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interesting concept isn't it.

This comes from the Merrian-Webster Dictionary...
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin bilancia, from Late Latin bilanc-, bilanx having two scalepans, from Latin bi- + lanc-, lanx plate
1 : an instrument for weighing: as a : a beam that is supported freely in the center and has two pans of equal weight suspended from its ends b : a device that uses the elasticity of a spiral spring for measuring weight or force c capitalized : LIBRA
2 : a means of judging or deciding3 : a counterbalancing weight, force, or influence
4 : an oscillating wheel operating with a hairspring to regulate the movement of a timepiece
5 a : stability produced by even distribution of weight on each side of the vertical axis b : equipoise between contrasting, opposing, or interacting elements c : equality between the totals of the two sides of an account
6 a : an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements b : the juxtaposition in writing of syntactically parallel constructions containing similar or contrasting ideas
7 a : physical equilibrium b : the ability to retain one's balance
8 a : weight or force of one side in excess of another b : something left over : REMAINDER c : an amount in excess especially on the credit side of an account
9 : mental and emotional steadiness
- bal戢nced /-l&n(t)st/ adjective
- in the balance or in balance : with the fate or outcome about to be determined
- on balance : with all things considered

Now that this is said... I must find a way to balance what I want and what I think I need as well as what I have.

Interesting concept... balance...

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