An long night...  

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3/3/2006 8:47 pm

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An long night...

As I sit here at my computer I wonder what it would be like to feel your body brush against mine. You come up behind me, bare chested and run your hands down the front of my shirt to my breasts, leaning into my neck, giving a little nibble. I tilt my head so you have better access. You begin to suck at my neck whilst fondling my nipples in your finger tips through my shirt.

They rouse to your touch. I lean back into your chest. Closing my eyes, smelling your freshly bathed scent. Your hair still damp.

I turn to try to kiss you. You place your hands upon my arms to help me rise. Standing face to face, I tilt my head to kiss you. You part your lips, tasting mine, seeking entrance into my mouth. I let you taste a bit until you take my bottom lip into your mouth, suckling. I moan into the kiss.

You have access into my mouth, the moan escaping is muffled by your mouth closed onto mine. I am feeling my knees weaken.

I feel the rush of blood to my head. I am dizzy and need you to touch me.

You lift my shirt free over my head, only breaking the kiss as long as you need to lift it over my head. You toss it away.

I bring my hands around your neck, you life me onto your waist; walking me to the bed. Leaning me down, you undo my slacks and disrobe me. You are not surprised to find that I have no panties on. You know they are too restrictive and I love the feel of having nothing on under my clothes.

Bringing my pants down my legs, you kiss my body. Beginning at my stomach, my hipbones, my thighes, my knees, my calves, ankles and finally my feet and toes. You purposefully leave my pussy neglected. It will have attention, a great deal of attention...

Coming back up my body, you are like a tiger or lion stalking its prey. Slowly, purposefully, your movements are calculated. Not touching any part of my body unless necessary...

While atop of me, you crush my mouth with yours, passion overtaking. Licking, tasting, nipping; seeking dominance.

I am submissive tonight. I do not need to feel in control. I am willing to let you do this. You will not seek anything other than to please me. Your release will come later.

Your hands bring my arms above my head, loosly tying one wrist to each side of the bed post. You bring your mouth to my collarbone, down to my breasts, you nip and suck at my nipples, bring them to perfect pebbles.

You bring your mouth to my stomach, still paying attention to my nipples; pinching and tweeking them to keep them erect.

You move your body against mine now. I am writhing under you, needing you wanting more contact with your body. To quiet my movement, you crush your body ontop of mine; lying motionless, still kissing and tasting my body.

You move your hands to my thighs; firmly spreading my legs. I oblige and try to lift my hips in the hopes to have your fingers touch my hot, wet pussy. You chuckle, knowing what I need, what I want.

You move your hand to my pussy. Moving your fingers over my clit, moving them to my pussy and inserting them to get them wet. "My how wet you are my dear" you say. Kissing me hard on the mouth again. I moan into your mouth and move my hips up to have more of your finger inside me.

You move your body off to the side; still kissing me and playing with my tits, you move your fingers over my clit. You want me to cum and cum hard. You swirl your fingers in circles, inserting them into my pussy to get more sweet, hot juice then back to my clit.

I moan, needing so much to have you fuck me. Wanting to feel your cock inside me, stretching me; filling me.

"Please" I beg, "fuck me"

"You want it baby", you respond.

"Yes, please fuck me hard." I reply.

You move atop of me releasing my wrists, knowing I like it from behind. I turn around so you can pound my pussy with your rock hard cock. I love the feel of your balls slapping against my pussy as you fuck me. Pounding into me, I feel your balls tighten, I know you are so close.

Bringing your fingers around my waist to play with my clit, you want to feel my pussy tighten around your cock as I cum.

Fucking me deep and hard, playing with my clit, I cum so hard and tighten around your cock you cum inside me filling me up with your warmth. You will not soften yet, you are still ready for more... as am I...

rm_luvpiano2 56M
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3/7/2006 9:09 am

Ooo-la-la...YEAH! Nice story.

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