The Married Male and Sex  

niceguyinmich 66M
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8/21/2006 11:47 am

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The Married Male and Sex

OK, so I'm trying to catch your attention. Work with me here.

Look back a few years.
Girl meets boy.
Boy likes girl.
Boy wants sex.
Girl says, "After we're married". Well, some do.
Some of them allow us to sample their young, sexy bodies and remind us that it will get even better after we're married. And you can have it any time you want. Yeah!

Boy and girl get married.
Boy gets sex every day, sometimes twice a day or more.
Yeah, this is heaven, dude.
Girl gets pregnant.
You are a dad now.
Baby cries a lot.
Less sex because she's tired almost every night.
Girl gets pregnant again.
Wow, two kids. Cool.
Girl gets headache at night.
Kids get older.
No sex because the kids can hear us.
No sex because -- well, just because.

Luckily, masturbation does not make us go blind and no unsightly hair grow in your palms.

And here we are. Any women out there who are not looking for a husband? Any women who are not pretending not to look for a husband? Any women at all who just want friendship, companionship, intimacy and sex and NOT marriage. Any women who don't panic from seeing the word "married" in your profile? If you find her, don't tell us. We'll all come after you to take her away from you.

OK, you're still with me? I'll waste valuable space on this site ranting about women and sex and marriage until I realize I'm only talking to myself.

Stay tuned. Or not.

Eros40 52F

8/21/2006 12:21 pm

shhhhhhhh..... I'm one of those women....... married (no intent of changing that), looking for a MARRIED (preferred, anyway) playmate..... hee-hee!.........hope all goes well for you...........E.

LadyHoops1515 46F

8/21/2006 12:27 pm

I have to say...You made me smile! It's not always the men who feel this way. Luckily, masturbation does not make us go blind and no unsightly hair grow in your palms....That was funny~


kyplowboy22 61M

8/21/2006 4:02 pm

Welcome to Blogland. Hope to see you around. Later


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