niceguyhere1973 43M
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3/9/2006 8:49 am

Ever caught that unique scent that takes you back? You know the one I mean...that for a spilt second you "there", at that time, in that place and all is clear. The sensation seems to last an eternity as you re-examine the scene, the emotion, the textures and your innocence at...well, it's your memory, you tell me.

Guess that's why I seem to be the sentimental type. They say scent is the biggest trigger of memory, and I have to say I'd agree.

Perhaps this explains why summer is such a wonderous and sad time. Step outside early in the morning and the there's a slight "chill" as the day heats up, a touch of humidity to let you know to go to the beach...a sun creeping over the horizon to let you know the day is just beginning. Childhood memories of salt water, hot dogs, beach sand and fresh cut grass...oh, I'd have to say that I'm done with winter. Bring on the warm air, the care-free scents of Cape Cod summers gone by. Is it June yet?

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