Politics and Sex  

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4/4/2006 7:08 pm

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Politics and Sex

Today Tom Delay (R-TX) announced that he will resign his house set in June. This has to be one of the best steps forward for this country since 1994. Delay is a corrupt politician and confused moralist. He and his fellow Evangelical partners, have alomst succeded in turning back the clock on all sexual understanding of the past 50 years.
These people "say" that sex is only proper between a married man and woman. They claim to have a moral grip on reality, that must be imposed on everyone. My Senator here in PA, Rick Santorum, equated homosexuality , pedofilia and beastuality.
They claim to have the support of middle and "normal" America, yet I've seen many people on AdultFriendFinder from across the Bible belt. So, what I consider normal America, i.e. us and most adults, needs to get of their asses vote, write, and put those moralists in their places.
Since this is my first serious post, I want to say something about myself. I may classify myself as Liberal, but not what is sterotypical. I love the Bill of rights, all ten. I think Daphne Rosen, a porn actress once said the best thing about the Bill of Rights; "I like the first Amendment so I can fuck on camera. I like the Fourth Amendment so I can fuck in private; and I like the second Amendment so I can shoot anyone who tries to stop me."

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4/18/2006 1:54 am


The final paragraph was awesome. Yes it comes in handy that way

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