Multiple Mulitple O's (am I too freak)  

nicegirl4u1000 35F
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9/1/2005 7:37 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Multiple Mulitple O's (am I too freak)

i haven't been able to ever get to the bottom of how many O's i need/want. i can (and do) have a hundred at a cllip. for those who think i'm fibbing to get you to e-mail me, sorry, but it is too true, in fact, i'm too afraid to tell my boyfriend, the only boyfriend i told said later he felt he could never trust me cause of it. the most i did is maybe 300 continuous and was as horny at the end, i just gave up because i am realizing it is a little scary almost the well doesn't go dry i don't know what it is like to not feel horny. if i try to read for a couple of hours i have to stop to take care of it.

i have O's easily during sex without an assist from my guy, and no need for vibrator. when I'm doing it myself, I can just keep going every 1 or 2 min for a whimper and moaning O, then every 10 - 20 O's are so total body volcanic they knock me out for a min or two, then i'm horny and back to cumming again.

am i too freaky or waht. i don't know how off the wall I am because i don't know about other girls. i dont think i'm a nympho because i have good control i'm not a ho i've actually only been with a relatively small number of guys. i was sexualized pretty young too cause i was sportin prominent D's by the time i was 11, guys were always copping feels and older men would whisper dirty stuff in my ear and try to get me alone, which i kind of liked but stayed pretty innocent through it all until i was a little older.

i've been this way since very young as young as i can remember, like 3, long before i realized what horny meant, i taught my sisters how to do it, altho they didn't seem to feel the compulsion to indulge. i remember even in 4th grade sitting on my foot in class in my chair and rocking back and forth to quietly climax cause i was so horny, my teacher never figured it out. at that age i still didn't know what it meant other than i just had to cum.

in college i asked a campus doctor if he could give me pills so i wouldn't be so horny as I had a hard time studying, he just laughed and said no such thing. i could tell it turned him on because he started breathing funny but he was trying to be professional about it.

trishahottie469 48F

9/1/2005 8:50 am

OMG. I think I now found someone as horny as me......yikes!

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9/1/2005 9:09 am

hello are you pompom-girl?

URHappyIMHappy2 49M

9/1/2005 7:31 pm

DOM here,LOL,single,would love to play,if you're at all interested.

rm_cragger12 46M

9/1/2005 8:38 pm

Wow, I think most women would love to have a tenth of your sexual energy.

rm_PeterInWSpr 51M
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9/9/2005 11:11 pm

Doesnt scare me at all

happy696941 33M

10/1/2005 8:41 pm

wow you sound very hot lets hook up and have some fun

daydream4utoo 54M

10/16/2005 5:03 am

takes as you can and be happ..most ladies have to fake what u are 8-10 don't have climaxes..really check it out..a fact

rm_ravan2000 42M
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12/26/2006 6:12 am

nicegirl4u1000, have u ever had a vaginal orgasm?

I ask because clitoral orgasm are much less fulfilling.

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