Saturday's StaminaTest  

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9/18/2005 6:57 pm

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Saturday's StaminaTest

I had met Anna a year ago and she was married at that time. I ran into her Friday at, guess what, the grocery store, PW Supermarket in Cupertino.

We chatted for 15 minutes and I as her how hubby was ... She had the usual ... hubby is busy, does not pay attention, etc. I ended up helping her carry her groceries all the way to her house and unloading it and stashing her refrigerator.

All the time, there were question marks in my head. I did look around a bit and it seemed that hubby had taken flight ...

She asked what I was doing for fun and I told her about chasing ladies on AdultFriendFinder etc. We got on her computer and she claimed to be shocked.

Somehow I ended up in the shower with her and I ended up lifting/carrying her with us stuck together in the biblical sense.

We then went over to the bed, dripping wet. Try it some time, it is really naughty and exciting.

We had the conventional sex with me doing oral on her followed by the missionary, followed yet again by the her riding me.

She collapsed and then said: No More !!!

I was still hard so sat down on her sofa. It was an hour at least after we started so we had some food. Just bread and some cheese.

I started again on the sofa, eating her. Did I tell you she was shaved ? Wow, no hair to spit out. Not that I complain ...

We continued with our Saturday afternoon tryst for 1 more hour.

Total: 2 hours.

Sunday (Today, 10:AM)
Anna calls me and complains I am a bad boy. So We talked about how much worse I could be. She said that I was bad enough. So I asked her if she was going to be badder than before. She asked meaning what ? And I asked for reciprocal treatment.

She hung up.

Calls me back five minutes later and said that we should discuss it in person.

I drive over and she opens the door, absolutely naked. Drops to her knees and we start out that way and we are not done here.

Around 3 PM hour ago she announces hubby will be back from travels from San Diego at 8:00 PM and she better get her full dose to last her the week.

I am still horny. I helped her clean up.

Anna wishes all AdultFriendFinder people a wonderful Sunday afternoon/evening of fucking.

-- Ciao

Monday: Have to meet an AdultFriendFinder lady who has never had multiple-orgasms.

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