Ode to Online Love  

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8/22/2006 5:59 pm

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Ode to Online Love

Sadly, we are not together any more, but I will always remember my first online love. This is a poem I wrote to honor all the beautiful times we shared.

I entered the room not knowing what I would find
Was it a person, a friend or simply someone kind
Seeking something to soothe my lonely heart
Not knowing then that you would be the part

I opened your profile saw your nice eyes
I ignored others and their meaningless lies
I had to know to comprehend and to see
Your inner beauty filling me with glee

At first you did not answer my opening hail
I had to move on in a melancholy wail
But then my heart leapt as you replied
And in a discourse I clearly obliged

We clicked from the bat in our little chat
I had to sit back smile and tip my hat
To the awesome fate who led you to me
So that now my heart can be set free

I sincerely hope that our love grow
As two candles our lives will glow
My search is over for now I have found
My friend forever that will be around

I will love cherish and respect
Council support and protect
But please forgive me if I ever make you frown
Because I am just a man who often falls down

The pain in my life is my weakness and strength
Though I promise that I will go to any length
To keep my love for you natural and true
And to do my best so you never feel blue

MizzPerception 47F

6/16/2007 6:17 pm

you're so lovely.


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