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rm_nic2e6 38M
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3/21/2006 11:55 pm

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7/9/2013 6:28 pm

Fake World

Welcome to my world of words in this so called internet dating site we call AdultFriendFinder. So have you cruised through the site looking for a little fun and found yourself immersed in a fake ass person. Who responds to your emails asks you to write them and then you just get shit in your inbox. I mean who hasnt been there yet? I've been there so many times it just isnt funny anymore. I mean I came on this site to meet some new and different people to hang out with, have a litte fun with, and what do I get? Shit!!! Woman who play with you as if your just a game on their PC.

Not to say all woman are like that. I have met online, some good people who have responded to my emails and been very nice to me. It seems to me though that thier are more fakes in this world, trying to get you to go to their website, pay to talk or just to see them and half the time they arent even real!!!! I mean what the fuck what happend to being able to talk to someone without having to wonder if their real and if they are real why cant we hold a decent conversation with them. I understand people here are coming on to this site to meet someone to fuck or play with but their are some of us out there that want to meet that attractive,sweet, intelligent person to have a meaningful encounter with and possibly develop something beautiful.

Maybe If I wasnt such a shy person when it comes to meeting new real people in the real world I could meet someone special but I'm here cause I'm just not that comfortable. So what do I do people? I mean I'm completely lost and could use some suggestions.

So if you feel like I do I'd love to hear from you. Maybe we can find a solution to this problem and resolve it. In the mean time I'll continue to send out emails and winks and hope to get a reaponse from someone who is real and serious.


NawtieBBWwantsit 45F
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3/22/2006 12:42 am

Try Not looking for a model type. Sure I've seen some gorgeous women on here that seem to be real (through the blogs not profiles). But think about this, Most "10" type women don't have time to be online, and If they do, they certainly dont need a website to find a fuck.

Guys looking for models on AdultFriendFinder get what they deserve. BOTS.

SpeshandCutez 50F/60F

3/22/2006 1:34 am

I hear ya babe have had this many times, but in the end lookinf for a relationship not just fucks.

JYjelly68 34M

3/22/2006 2:43 am

i completely emphathize with your situation and i'm playing the craps shoot in search of a better someone. back to the issue on hand. so my buddy made this fucked up profile on my site a while back ago on my account because he was pissed (even though it wasn't his account) as much as i was since i was complaining about it.

so what is there to do?

its obvious the people are being motivated by clicks.

first off, there are just as many "fake" swinger sites that i had to click on and ever time when i want to log in or make a profile, it directs me to AdultFriendFinder. on a corporate level, we patrons are getting the shaft for the corporate decisions that has been made. perhaps other sites are mad because AdultFriendFinder has a monopoly and they have to resort to stealing patrons from AdultFriendFinder to their site. either way, its reprehensible! there really isn't a need for such abuse, and after i posted my blog regarding the situation, luckily people were reading and it took influence on AdultFriendFinder community.

wow, that's pretty cool though. this is an AdultFriendFinder community. can't say that about many other blog sites.

anyways, back to the point. my thoughts regarding the situation is to offer more user support and less jack knifing people. there's many many things the site can do to offer better support. for example, have you checked out myadultspace? its a pretty cool site, stripped down but still quite effective.

so a remedy to our situation that would be most fesible is to offer ad support for non paying members and intice the use of blogs to become a member and be able to express thier sexuality even if their not swingers or looking for casual sex. this allows for a larger pool of qualified people in the event they choose to find a sex partner and have real people on AdultFriendFinder. this helps with only one portion of the problem though, as you may have realized, 'what about the fake ones?'

the only way to do that is to be a huge prick and add kerosene to the flames by going onto their dating sites and taking their customers by making fake profiles on thier shit...but that would just be player hating on the victims that get in the crossfire (just like how we got hated on now).

there is a sneaky and conniving way...that would be to partner with companies like cyberage or cybersex or whatever the bull shit is before they come to AdultFriendFinder. haha, now that would be sick and twisted shit.

even as a gold member, i still have to pay for web cam access?!? the company is obviously shafting me...but i haven't tried it yet...i'm not sure if its free to watch or what...but it would definetly give these pricks one less thing to go on if we had to give a pre-emtive "age check" credit card thing.

and another thing is to send your email first. i've noticed people aren't so quick and witty when they ask you to email them when you send out your email first...but before you do that, i'd check with the website guidelines n all.

the real question i still have is...'does various, inc. have corporate ties to other porn sites? i bet they most likely do. i wasn't able to find much information for the company with the name of Various, Incoporated. the only information that i was able to obtain was from their own web site, various dot com, that indicates they have online ventures....and this little tid bit from yahoo:

Various Inc. Company Profile

Have you lost various friends over time? Various, which does business as FriendFinder, is an online social networking company that hosts FriendFinder.com, a site through which people can connect with others via the Internet in order to form personal relationships. Various operates 15 multicultural and multilingual dating and social networking sites, including the FriendFinder network, with more than 20 million registered members. The company was founded in 1996 by CEO Andrew Conru. Various acquired Spring Street Networks in 2005.

~ref from yahoo biz

Spring Street Networks puts the people in the personals. Founded in 2002, the company maintains a database of about 2 million profiles created by people looking for love online. Spring Street partners with some 200 Web sites (including those operated by the Onion, Village Voice Media, Salon Media, and New Times papers such as The Houston Press and New Times Miami) which feature its personal ads as part of their content. Users pay to contact people through profiles written by date seekers, and Spring Street splits the money with the content partner. Spring Street (and many of its personnel) sprang forth from Internet content provider FriendFinder.com,

~ref from yahoo biz

starlight_runner 39F

3/22/2006 9:15 am

Its the nature of this place and comes with the territory.Get peeps on cam or on the phone quick to weed out the wankers.This is sufficient 4 most.

Kisses Star

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