Gettin' Lucky  

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4/15/2005 7:41 am

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Gettin' Lucky

I realize my first blog was a bit immature, but, although it was a true story, it was my first attempt at writing a story in the erotic genre.

Here is stab two. Like anything..I'm sure it gets better with practice.

I've always been bicurious but never really had the guts to try anything. I grew up in a small town and went to a small college so annonymous experimentation was out of the question. Well, when I ended up in graduate school in the big city of Austin, TX I knew I had my chance to explore and let my inhibitions run wild.
It took awhile, but I found a couple (much older than I was) that agreed to teach me some ropes and let me explore.

I invited them to my apartment for dinner. I made sure the wine was good and plentious. After our share of libations, it became time for me to try my first experiment--my first blow job. It helped that I was going down on Steve with his beautiful wife Cindy helping me out. Our toungues would dance around Steve's growing erection and we would take turns putting the tip in our mouths. It was an incredible experience to have another man's dick in my mouth. It was turning on Cindy too because she said it was time to fulfill the second part of my fantasy.

Cindy and I moved into a 69 position with Cindy on top. As I was licking her pussy, Steve began to fuck her from behind. I was tasting them both at the same time. And getting a great blow job. It was too much for me. I came in Cindy's mouth before Steve and Cindy were done fucking. But I certainly felt like I got lucky and had my first bisexual fantasy fulfilled.

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