UF-FSU Game Night  

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11/27/2005 2:01 pm

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UF-FSU Game Night

Wow what a game that was! (If you are a Gator Fan or Semihole Hater We watched the game at a friends house on their huge TV. Afterwards we went out to the woods to celebrate by campfire with some other friends that were camping out there. We stayed for about two hours, had a few drinks and recalled the best moments of the game, then went home to have a little celebration of our own.

We enjoy starting the night with something romantic, slowly turning up the heat into the wee hours of the morning until we are engulfed in a passionate enferno. We lit some cinnamon scented candles and put on some music... We got into the bed and warmed each other up under the blanket. N's body feels so great in my arms. Her skin is soft and smooth, tan and warm to the touch. My hands have a mind of their own as they caress her, rubbing and kneeding her body from head to toe. I promised her a massage, so once we had warmed up a bit I retrieved our Kama Sutra pleasure tin. In it contains some of the best massage oil and other products I've ever used.

The massage oil has a sweet almond scent. I rubbed a good amount in my hands and went to work on N's back, starting with long strokes down the middle of her back and up her sides. Finishing with short moderate thumb pressure on her shoulders and neck. I was getting so horny feeling her body slide through my fingertips with the oil. N was softly purring as my cock was pressed against her body while I finished her legs and arms. I began kissing her and flipped her over to rub her breasts, abdomen, and legs with more oil. As I worked the oil into her smooth skin I began kissing her and drawing my hand up inside her inner thigh. My fingertips would softly drift across her shaven pussy, and already she was melting wet. N instantly give me a smile and long deep moan as I let a finger slide just between her swollen lips, and up over her clit. Her pussy was very wet, and I could not resist her taste any longer. We kissed for a moment longer and I began the pleasurable journey down her body with my lips and tongue, stopping briefly at all my favorite places.

N was already wet when I began kissing the top of her clit. As I slid my tongue down inside her she gave me a fresh wave of honey. I hummed to make her quiver as she began running her fingers through my hair, and holding my head between her legs! As the music played softly in the background my tongue picked a rhythm, sucking gently and dancing over and across her clit, occasionally diving inside her to taste the building waves of her sweet honey. N was moaning and watching me in the candlelight. I could tell she was close to having an orgasm, so I began caressing my tongue around her now hard clit, teasing her with kisses, suction, and pressure from my lips and tongue to keep her teetering on the edge for a few moments, then rapidly flick my tongue up and down her clit. I slid my finger inside her, and the ocean inside her began to swell as I rubbed her inside and continued to work her clit with my tongue. She let out a deep moan as she began to come and I continued to suck her clit and hold on as her body quivered and shook. She finally pushed me away as she could handle no more, my cock was throbbing to be inside her. I gave her no rest as I pulled myself up to my knees and slid my cock deep inside her. She grabbed me and pulled me close to her as my cock throbbed deep inside her and we kissed passionately for several moments. N arched her back and moaned as I began slowly thrusting inside her, fucking her slowly, but rhythmically hard and deep. My pelvis was rubbing her clit as my cock throbbed inside her, and she came again as we kissed. I could feel her juices flowing as she came, her pussy felt incredible and I pulled her legs up over my shoulders so I could fuck her. N kept moaning and grabbed my butt so she could pull herself to me as I thrust inside her harder and faster. She could feel my cock throbbing inside, wanting to fill her inside with my warm cum. After a few minutes my cock was nearly ready to explode, but I stopped just in time to let her feel me pulse deep inside her without going over the edge. I wanted to explode inside her, but I wanted to fuck her from behind first

I told N to flip over and she eagerly complied. As she did I grabbed the KY liquid and rubbed a liberal amount on my shaft, wiping the rest on N's pussy. I placed my legs on the outside of hers, and with my hand guiding the head of my cock rubbed her clit a few times before sliding inside her again... N moaned and placed her face in the pillow as I thrust inside her. I continued to rub her clit with my hand. N was moaning and begging me to come with her. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard from behind. N was gasping and moaning uncontrollably from my cock deep inside her. She could feel my cock stiffen and head flare, knowing I was about to come.. She begged me to come inside her as she began to. My cock pulsed and exploded inside her, shooting warm thick cum deep inside her pussy. N shot out a loud moan as I thrusted a few more times inside her, pumping every last drop inside her pussy. We collapsed to the side and lay there motionless for a few moments, my cock still comfortably tight inside her.

Once we could breathe again, we got back under the covers and wrapped each other in arms. N feel asleep as she laid on my shoulder and I caressed her back. I was out not too much later.

We woke up at 7 this morning, and after a quick bathroom break to freshen up and brush our teeth, we got back in the bed and began rubbing each other down.... N rolled me on my back and began kissing down my chest. She ran her tongue down my abdomen, making me quiver with delight, then made her way down to my now attentive cock...

{To be continued...}


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