Young, dumb and full of cum  

newsready 49F
5/15/2006 6:57 pm
Young, dumb and full of cum

Well now I use to think that was just a foolish statement but now I am convinced it is pretty much all true. My fault for letting a young sexy stud turn my head for a minute.

I spent a whole week chatting with and planning to meet a young stud and even his friend, I had set his friend up with my cousin and we where gonna double date and even have some fun the four of us.

I had seen the younger of the two guys pic and he is very nice looking, and after we chatted a bit I felt he was mature enough to at least go to dinner with and see where things led. After chatting with him a few times and showing him and his friend pics of me and my cousin, and I mean lots of good pics mind you, and not one pic did they show me, hummmmm. They promised to show pics at a later date, before we met so I agreed to that. I even gave my cousin the friends email address so she could chat with him, since he seemed quit taken with her.

Well things went ok for a day or two we both chatted with them and talked and planned of meeting, it just so happened that on a day I had worked the night before I got a call from my cousin, waking me up, telling me that these two guys want to come down and take us out to eat, just dying to meet us. So against my better judgment and because I hadn't had sex in a while I agreed to cut my sleep down by 3 hours and get up and go and meet them for dinner.

Well I should tell you that I had no contact with either of these men, it was all my cousin's doing and I was just told to show up at this restaurant at 7ish. So I did and of course me being anal about being early for everything I was the first to arrive. I was a Friday even so it was busy, so I called my cuz and asked if I should go ahead and get a table, I did have to work that night and didn't want to spend the whole time waiting for a table. She tells me that might be a good idea, I asked her where are we to meet the guys at, she says "I don't know" I asked "Well what are they driving?" she tells me "they said they would be the loudest cars there" She didn't exchange numbers, or even get a pic of the second guy sent so we could look for them.
Oh well I suppose we will take turns going out front to look for them, they have both seen our pics I am sure they will recognize us right?

Wrongo my friends, we sat there taking turns going out front for over an hour, finally we ordered and ate, I was upset and so was she, we where sure they stood us up. After being there for almost two hours and it was getting late we decided to go.

The rest of his story next time

seek_u_topia 50M

5/16/2006 12:31 am

that certainly does suck...but if there's more to the story, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you two!

muffdivinking 55M

5/22/2006 4:54 pm

im sorry that happened to you.....thats sucks big time.....where would u like to go for dinner..they give the rest of us a bad name

RickyBarebacks 46M
2 posts
5/27/2006 6:58 pm

what a shame. what kind of punk would leave a couple of beautiful women hanging like that. if ur ever in dallas look me up and ill take u to the worlds best steak and calamari!
Rich xoxo with the fat one

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