What a way to start the day  

newsready 49F
3/12/2006 6:40 am
What a way to start the day

Well happy birthday to me, and what a day it started off to be.
The fact that I had to work today was no big deal to me, I love my job and I like MOST of the people I work with. The fact that I have a 1 and 20 min. drive to work is really not an issue either, it is a nice drive, very scenic and with the exception of an occasionally wild animal not too much traffic at 5am on a Sunday morning.

My drive is routine to some extent, I do make one stop along the way usually at the same convenience store, to get gas an a drink or two to last me though the day. Today, like every day I drive to work, I stopped, cleaned my windshield, bought my drink and since it was my birthday and because I have been cutting back on sweets and sodas, I decided to treat myself to a lemon filled donut this morning. Hell I deserved it, I had been doing so well on cutting down the sweets and it is after all my birthday. So I pay for my items, climb back into my car and head down the road.

Keep in mind that it is still quite dark out at this time of the morning, I have my headlights on and if it where not for the car passing me I would have my brights on, this is a country road there are not many lights and there are plenty of deer out. Just as the car passes, out of the corner of my eye I see something fly into my lane, I can't make it out and I have no time to swerve to miss it. So............smack, at first it looked like a small black plastic trash bag. Nothing that could damage my car and nothing that would make a big mess, like say a dead skunk, yuck!

I don't think too much about it until I hear this awful noise. I am thinking to myself "great the bag has been sucked up into my engine" That is all I need. So I drive a little ways down the road hoping it will be blow off, but to no avail. I see a well lite closed gas station and pull over.
I open my hood and go to inspect and hopefully remove this irritating plastic bag from my car.
Well hell, it must have blow off when I stopped, or so I thought. HUMMMMMMMM
I get back into my car turn on the engine, no sound, other than normal that is. I should mention that by this point I am about 5 min behind schedule and probably going to run a few min. late. When I say late I mean I will be right on time. I live by the age old adage that to be early is to be on time and to be on time is to be late.
Anyway I start to pull away, when I hear that annoying sound once again, "Damn it" "It must be under the car somewhere" I stop the car and open my door, still seated I bend down and take a look under the car, this is when I notice something black lodged between my right front tire and under carriage. I get out go around to that side of the car and there is this black plastic oil container, you have seen them I am sure, instead of the small single quart bottles you can buy a larger multi quart container. Anyway, I kneel down on the payment in my scrubs to reach under the car and dislodge this from my car, and of course it doesn't budge. Now I have not only dirty knees (and I didn't even get creamed, lol.......) but now my hands are greasy and dirty and smell terrible.
By now I am pissed and cursing everyone and anybody I can think of. After a few min. I give up and decide to just drive down the road and let it dislodge on it's own. After washing my hands in the water they have for you to wash your windshield because the station is closed of course. I get back into the car and start to pull out and stop at the drive and this fleeting image pops into my head. The image of me driving down the road at 70-75mph with this plastic oil can under my car, scraping along the pavement sparks flying and my car catching on fire.
Fuck it I say and turn back into the parking lot get out of my car, take my jack and raise the front of my car up just enough to grab this freaking plastic container from hell and toss it to the side. By now of course I am filthy and smelly and down right flaming mad, not to mention even more behind. Plus I can't even enjoy my special treat I have on my way to work now, not unless I want a lemon filled, grease covered donut.

I am hoping that the rest of my day goes much smoother and happier.

muffdivinking 55M

3/12/2006 1:45 pm

Hi sexy!!! Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....Hope your day got better after that..I was at work today too...It SUCKED!!!...Will be moving tomorrow, so wont have this til Wed...We still have to do a lot of misbehaving....

rm_jgbkab 42M

3/12/2006 3:55 pm

Happy birthday. Still need that spanking?

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