newsready 49F
1/26/2006 6:52 am

A man who will follow though with what he tells you.
A man who can take a punch and remain standing.
A man who is handsome but thinks he isn't.
A man that can fuck all night long and keep on going the next day.
A man of character, who stands up for what he believes in even if it isn't the right thing.
A man willing to stand behind, in front and beside me.
A man who can look me in the eye and tell me he loves me.
A man who will hold my hand in public and isn't ashamed to show affection in a crowd.
A man that thinks I am beautiful whether I am dressed up in heals or wearing my favorite faded jeans and a t-shirt.
A man who can understand that some days I just need to be alone.
A man who will take my calls at 2am when I just need someone to talk to.
A man who will call me at 2am just to talk.
A man who will be there holding my hand looking deep into my eyes when I am on my death bed, still beside me to the end.

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