The Florence Nightingale in me.  

newsready 49F
12/13/2005 8:20 pm
The Florence Nightingale in me.

I have this irrisistable urge to want to cure everyones aliments or solve their problems, being a nurse I suppose you could say it is the Florence Nightingale in me.

I have so many problems of my own and so many issuses that I need to deal with for myself yet I can't help but want to help out my friends. I have this huge heart and widespread open arms that seem to be empty all the time. Where are all these friends I am negelcting myself for when I am in dire need?

That seems to be the way, no matter what. I have been so close to the verge of some type of break down for so long now, wheather it be mental, physical, or emotional, that if I where to have one, I wouldn't be able to tell.

I was just reading a friends blog and started to think how true those words rang for me. Don't want to divulge that blogger at this time, just wanted to exspound. Seems like it is easier said than done to just "Cheer up", "Keep a stiff upper lip" or "Grin and bear it" Who in there right minds can go though so much and not have problems?

When I feel down and think my world is so shitty, then I take my drive to work and see all the homeless people living on the street with no where to go, no idea of where there next meal is coming from and unsure if they will even have a place to sleep for the night, and if they do, will they wake up in the morning? Things like that kinda throw me back into reality if only for a little while.

I can at least say I have my family, my Dad and my kids to keep me sane and my few rare friends that I can count on in a pinch who listen to my whinning and blubbering no matter what and still remain my friends.

I will not tell anyone to "Cheer up" if your sad, be sad, if your angey, then damn it be that way, the same for any emotion that your feeling. Emotions are what make us sane and what keep us going, hold em back and that is when your in trouble. Any of my friends out there whom ever you are, you can always have my shoulder to cry on, my ear to whine in and even my ass to chew if you ever feel the need. What ever it takes to help out a friend. Count on me.

Goodnight all, till the next time.

rm_Bct2Esi 51M/50F
1375 posts
12/14/2005 7:58 am

thank you, I have no idea how I stumbled onto your blog, it has been a blessing

I agree with all my heart on the words that you just said

is it wrong of me to say? Everything happens for a reason, so feel how you feel, for only that emotion will make you feel better?

Usually when I am whining and on a pitty pot and asking "why me" I end up driving past a homeless person and suddenly my life doesn't look so horrible. Our creator works in mysterious ways, it doesn't matter where I am at, at that moment in my life boom someone worse off then me appears and I find myself feeling sorry for them instead of myself.

Have a great day and thanks for the words, they were just what I needed for today

Hugs and smiles

newsready 49F

12/14/2005 10:28 am

Thank you for at least reading it. I have been down a lot lately in my life but it is true there are a lot of people worse of that me.

rm_gscotth 51M
3 posts
12/16/2005 10:15 am

it's funny and scary at the same time you would write so poignantly about "being true" to your own emotions and appreciating them for exactly what they are. unique/separate feelings that should be experienced and fully appreciated for what they are. with my ex I had to be (in her mind anyways) either "mad" or "happy," and there were no shades of gray to colour the rest of my life with. of all things I clung to throughout our relationship, it was the right to have my own feelings (all of them) all along the way. I want to commend you for clinging to these same principles. you go gurl.

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