newsready 49F
4/23/2006 7:30 am

I have this re occurring problem, of having my friends on my yahoo messenger list mistakingly think I am on line when I am not. So they IM me and of course I am not there but they don't think this and get very upset and even leave me nasty messages.
I have figured out why now. When I am at home on my computer I usually stay invisible on my messenger so as to not get overwhelmed with too many IM's. You try chatting with 4 or more people at the same time, it is confusing as hell.
Anyway, when I am at work I can log onto yahoo and check my regular mail however we don't have messenger at work and can't download it either. So it appears that I am logged on when I really am not.

I can also play games on yahoo at work, don't ask me how but I get IM's via the game rooms, people can see me but I can't see them and thus can't see who is IM'ing me. Sounds strange but it is true, so if you send me an IM and I don't answer you or I ask who you are, please don't be offended. It isn't my fault.

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