It is shortly after midnight.........  

newsready 49F
3/5/2006 11:16 pm
It is shortly after midnight.........

I can't sleep, I am not a bit tired and for some strange reason, not the least bit horny.

Ok, ok so that last one was a lie.
Of course I am horny, that is what is keeping me awake. Lying there in bed listening to the sounds of the cats chase each other though the house, tossing and turning, my mind wondering back to a past lover. The feel of his touch on my skin, the sound of his breath in my ear, the warmth of his body pressed against mine. I can close my eyes and see his beautiful sweet face and feel his lips as they press against mine, his arms wrapped tightly around me, I can smell his wonderful sent in my nose.
As we begin to undress each other slowly while we are embraced in a passionate kiss, our hands fumbling to undo buttons, zippers, and hooks.
He unbuttons my top and slides it down my back off of my arms, all the while kissing my neck and driving me mad. I then pull his T shirt over his head and just as I expose his nipples I take a quick but gentle bite on one. In unison we both slip our pants off and kick them aside. He wraps one arm around my lower back and places his left hand on the small of my back and with his right hand he unhooks my bra, exposing my breasts. My nipples are erect with excitement, he takes my right one into his mouth, slowly but firmly biting and sucking. His left hand fondling the left, with his thumb and first finger he pinches oh so slightly making me moan for more.
He lays me back onto the bed, while he stands there for a brief moment I take my feet and remove his boxers from his hips and slide them down to his thighs, I can see his hard throbbing member standing there waiting to explore me.
He completely removes his boxers and tosses them across the room in triumphed, we both smile.
He takes my hips in his strong hands and pulls me close to the edge of the bed almost too far. My panties are wet with anticipation.
He hovers over me for a minute and whispers dirty little things in my ear, his breath hot on my shin. I can feel his manhood on my left thigh, pulsating with a drip of precum wet on the tip.

Then we kiss, my body raising up off the bed trying to reach his, he pulls his up making me wait. Then he works his way over to my ear kissing and licking, down to my neck, starting on one side then the other. My nipples are erect and screaming for attention, he takes the left one into his mouth all the while caressing the right then visa versa. As he slides down my body to my stomach I can feel the heat of his breath driving me wild. I reach for his hair and run my fingers though it, giving a slight tug now and then.

He then takes his tongue and runs it across my stomach down to my left hip and onto my thigh, kissing, licking and occasionally a playful nip.
He takes his time and moves to my calf and then my foot, and up the right leg back to my cum soaked panties. He slips his fingers in though one side and dips his finger into my honey then up to his mouth for a taste.
He slides my panties off with his strong hands and lets them fall to the floor.
He drops to his knees, and with his hands on my hips begins to slowly lick my clitoris, working his tongue into my vagina from time to time making me squirm with joy. Sucking on my clit, I moan loudly and then he takes his finger and presses into my wet awaiting pussy.

As I trash about with pleasure his tongue lashing wildly at my clitoris now just before I cum he stops. Don't stop I beg, he tells me "I want to feel you cum with me.
So he turns me over onto the bed, my knees on the mattress, my ass high in the air, he teases me by taking his hard cock and rubbing it against my pussy, then firmly against my pussy he slowly pushes in grasping my hips and taking his time with the first penetration as if to tease me.
Then like a well oiled machine we both start working together rocking in unison with each others bodies. His balls slapping against my clit, my ass cheeks against his hips, his hands on mine, occasionally taking a swipe at my ass with his hand.
I can feel every thrust of his penis inside of me, hard and deep, and faster now as we rock back and forth, sweat pouring off of our bodies, pure please keeping us going. Then he reaches around and rubs my pulsating hard clit with his fingers and we both climax together and fall onto the bed, and lie there in bliss for a few brief moments then drift off to sleep in each others arms.

TrueTxGtlman 53M

3/7/2006 6:42 am

You have a deep desire. I like reading what you wrote. Made me think there is hope for me to find an evening like that out there at least once. Hope you got some rest after all.


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