I just don't understand it!  

newsready 49F
2/25/2006 12:18 pm
I just don't understand it!

I have a bad habit of reading the news, unfortunately I am drawn to the saddest stories ever. One I just finished reading about is of a man who has been convicted of murdering a woman who was 7 1/2 months pregnant and her 7 yr old son, by smothering them both. Now just reading the head lines I knew I was not going to like reading the details of the confession and hearing how they where killed and why, which by the way is for no reason at all if you ask me.
I have no idea how anyone could or why any one would want to kill a person they say they at one time loved, and on top of that kill a child, an innocent unsuspecting child.
I can understand someone killing another person to defend themselves or their family or love ones.
But to just kill someone because they could "mess up your plans" Well that is just plan stupid.
I live in Texas and I hear and read all different pros and cons against and for capital punishment. (For the record I am for capital punishment) Especially in this case, now I can see that newspapers and TV and such sometimes over dramatizes stories and may be one sided on their views but in this case where he confesses what he has done, well he needs to face the music and take his medicine. For once in his life be a man and take responsibly for your actions. You took 3 innocent lives and now you must pay. In the news reports it tells us that his family and friends ask for the jury to be compassionate and spare his life. "Horse Shit!" I say, he wasn't compassionate enough to spare theirs he deserves to take exactly what he dished out, only fortunately for him he will do it painlessly.
Fortunately for him, unlike that 7 yr old boy he will not have to endure watching a strange man kill his mother, fortunately for him he will get to tell his family members goodbye.

Things like this infuriate me and don't even get me started talking about Andrea Yates.

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