All fired up  

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12/9/2005 6:45 pm
All fired up

I am finding it hard concentrate on even the simplest tasks today, feeding the dog, dressing, and even brushing my teeth became major undertakings.

My mind keeps filling with thoughts of you and drifting back to last nights events.

Taking me back to the hallway outside your hotel room, putting the key you left for me in to open the door to a darkened room and you. Somewhere in the dark your lying in bed waiting for me. I can hear your voice letting me know you are there.
I put my things on the floor and the key on the counter. I remove my jacket but nothing else at this time.

I find my way to your bed, climbing onto it my hands scerching for you, I find you under the sheets. My lips find their way to yours, our tongues probbing, your hands on my face and stroking my hair. The feel of your body though the sheets inviting me. I can't stand to be in these closhs any longer.

Sitting up on the side of the bed, I slip my top off, as I bend down to undo my boot laces I feel your strong warm hand on my back, you unhook my bra and begin to caress my bare back. I stand to slide out of my jeans and panties, as I bend down to take them off my bra falls to the floor as well.

Now completly nude, I slip back into the bed under the sheets to an awaiting you. My breasts pressed against your chest, your warm hard cock against my thigh. Our lips find each other in the dark. The feel of your breath on my skin, the sound of your voice in my ear, and the sweet smell of your scent in my nose. It intoxicates me, my head is spinning and my body is aching for you.

I posistion my self over you, kissing your lips once more, then your neck down to your chest and abdomen, making my way down your body with my tongue. I can feel your excitment, as I circle your testicals with my tongue, licking and sucking on them, your breathing is heavy your hands stroking my hair. I take your hard cock into my mouth slowly. Sucking ever so slightly and increasing with each trust. My hand is caressing your balls. You moan with pleasure, and it makes me wet. I continue to give you oral pleasues till I can no longer stand it. I want you inside of me.

I slide back up to your lips and kiss you then tell you "I want you" You lay me back onto the bed and slide on top of me, the weight of yor body on mine, your cock slides into my wet pussy, the exquesite pleasure as you enter me, makes me moan, my breathing becomes ragged and heavy. Your eyes watching me, you can see what your doing to me and you like it. I can feel you thursting in and out of me. This is a dream or is it? It has been so long since I have had a man pleasure me this much.

Back to reality, the kids are hungry gotta run.

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