The Young and Wreckless  

newintown145 32M
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4/11/2006 8:59 pm
The Young and Wreckless

Ok, this is my first blog so i'm bound to do something wrong but i guess it doesn't really matter. This is MY blog...ahem
First off, I'm a newcomer to this site. It all started off from friends pulling a prank on me for Apr. 1st but i ended up holding on to the account and upgrading - just to see what would come of it all. Plus I'm new in a city where i don;t really know anything (or anybody) to do. I told many of my hometown friends about it and got a lot of crazy stories and opinions about sites like this. "A guy your age shouldn't have to meet people online" or "The only people interested in males your age are other males twice your age" (no offense to the homosexuals). Now i know i can't believe everything that I'm told but I am getting a considerable amount of turndowns and replies all referencing my age. Whether it be a "I was looking for someone with a little more experience" or flat out "Sorry, you're a little too young". Not that I'm too upset about the situation, but I'm tired of all my advances being portrayed as "cute" or me being "too young" or "inexperienced". So the question i propose is how old must you be to be considered "old enough" or "experienced"? Sombody please, help a brother out.

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