Attitudes about sex...part 3...the results are in  

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9/3/2006 3:23 pm

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Attitudes about sex...part 3...the results are in

That was a couple of interesting little polls, and I'm somewhat surprised by the most selected items.

Here's what other members decided.

1. Foreplay matter -- 14 of 35 votes (40
2. Maturity matters -- 11 of 35 votes (31
3. In spite of all the dating hassle, I'm still a hopeless romantic. -- 6 of 17 votes (35
4. If I'm horny, anyone is better than no one. -- 4 of 17 votes (24
5. Looks matter -- 3 of 35 votes (9

So, foreplay matters!!

Hmmm, I wonder what all the debate about men skipping the foreplay is all about since over 90% of those voting were men. Clearly, we acknowledge it's important.

Perhaps there's a male definition and a female definition for what foreplay is...

Second, maturity matters...I'd have never guessed that...of course, i want to spend time with a moman who's been around the block once or twice...i guess i'm not alone in that expectation.

Third, being a hopeless romantic matters...

For me, that was the biggest surprise of all...especially for an attitude on a sex and swinger's site...when you look at this item with the next one, they appear to be contradictory, yet somehow they seem to work together.

Fourth, sex with whoever is available matter...since this is mostly a male attitude, it makes sense to me (most voters were male)...they want to get the sex first and then consider if the relationship is a keeper...

It'll interesting what some of the comments on this will be.

Fifth, looks matter...or do they? Only 9% of the respondants said so...i'm betting that attitude and maturity are the first deciding factors...

of course, some level of appearance probably does matter...where that actually is sounds like another poll to me.

By the way, all new visitors can still vote in the polls shown below.

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