Everything comes out in the wash  

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1/8/2006 9:40 pm

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Everything comes out in the wash

Well, I'm in trouble and banished from Lydias bed.
It is so frustrating how when everything seems to be going really well something pops up and bites you in the ass.
Afew months ago, Lydia and I had an argument at the bar about some trivial thing, Lydia stomped out and left me there at the bar.
I figured she would be back, so I hung out and had a few drinks and played some pool, I also tried to call her cell phone a few times and she wasn't answering. I admit I had a little to much to drink and I also admit that I flirted like crazy with this beautiful long haired dark girl. She was ditched there at the bar by her gay brother and she was not familiar with Spokane at all, so we chatted and talked all about having gay brothers and all about Spokane, our favorite drinks ect. And I am sure all of you know how when your drinking and there is a mutual attraction people just start leaning towards the topic of sex. Well this girl was downright asking for it. She said she had a boyfriend and that they had been together for 14 months and she liked him and all but she had doubts as to weather she was straight or not. She said she tried a few things with her girlfriends when she was in school but they all grew out of it and she didn't but wasn't sure how to tell them or where to find some one to play with. She also indulged some of her fantasies which were to say the least very sexy and if I had been wearing panties they would have been soaking wet.
I took a chance and kissed her square on her pretty pouty lipped mouth.
She kissed me back and I took that as a green light so I put my hands around her waist and slipped my fingers in the pockets of her jeans. Shit, one thing lead to another and soon we were paying our tab and leaving together.
We made out and feverishly groped each other in my truck untill we couldn't stand it any more and we went back to her room at the Coeur D Alene resort.
She looked even better naked and she tasted like mild honey. She had lovely little titties and milk chocolate colored nipples. A little trimmed patch of hair shaped like a triangle on an otherwise hairless pussy. A little tattoo on her lower belly and little dainty ones on her wrists ankles and just below the hair line on the back of her neck. We must have fucked for hours because I didn't leave the room untill it was well past light outside. Her name was Shyanne and she was a memory indeed. one I had almost forgotten untill Lydia and I ran into, guess who?
Shyanne at the bar tonight.
That was uncomfortable and Ihad never told Lydia in fact I am sure that I lied my ass off about that night. Shyanne looked happy to see me and gave me a big squishy hug where she pushed her titties and hips at me. I noticed and Lydia defiantly noticed.
So there in the bar there was a huge confrontation that was very uncomfortable to say the very least. We fought while I drove her home and fought outside her house for another 20 minutes and she finally got out of the car and said a big huge "FUCK YOU!" in my face when I asked for a kiss good bye.
I guess I was asking for it, I feel pretty shitty. I have trouble controlling myself some times. I guess I should send her some flowers at work tomorrow and at least try to say i am sorry.
What would you all do in my situation? Come on people! Feed back!

SexyTrainSpokane 34M

1/8/2006 10:32 pm

Just a big misunderstanding...but hey now get the ball rolling don't worry be happy.

-Call me up...

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