watching you on the web  

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8/5/2006 4:20 pm

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watching you on the web

You're in the middle on yet another hot cam session one afternoon, you're body looks fantastic, the new hose you just bought look fantastic as you look at yourself on cam, about to cum a second time. You notice suddenly behind you on cam someone in a policeman's outfit. 'OH my', you turn suddenly to see the intruder, covering up as best you can under the circimstances. "sorry to startle ma'am' the policeman says, 'but we've had some complaints of some indescent activity on the internet, and I can sure see now why.'
'Oh, I'm sorry officer' you say, 'I didn't know this was illegal , I was just having some fun and I don't think I was hurting anyone. Couldn't we just make this go away?"
'Let me assure you ma'am,' he said 'this is highly illegal and the only way to make this go away is for you to spend some hard time.'
You look the officer over closely, he is a tall lean young man, probably in his mid-30s with light brown hair and brown eyes, and you notice one more thing, this man was rock hard beneath his grey police pants.
'How long have you been watching me?' you ask.
'Oh it hasn't been for long' he answered haltlingly, 'maybe for a month or so'. He answered as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
'Did you like what you saw?' you ask him as you slowly pull open your blouse to show him your firm breasts.
'You are a very attractive woman ma'am' he answered, 'but I'm going to have to take you in, you've done something wrong.'
You move closer to him, heart quickening as you run your fingernail over the rise in his pants. 'I think this says what I didn't wasn't as wrong as you are saying,' you answer.
You quIckly tug the zipper down and reach in to pull out his large cock, 'I, um, don't think you should......' he said trailing off as you drop to your knees in front of him.
'Well if you are going to arrest me, at least me see how much you enjoyed watching me,' as you point your tongue and circle his cock head slowly.
'Don't make me have to cuff you,' he hissed as you circle his cock and lick slowly up and down the length of his large, stiff cock.
"Oh please don't cuffme officer,' you look into his eyes and say in an innocent voice before taking your lips and wrapping them around his cock, bobbing up and down several times. His only response, a low moan of pleasure.
His hands begin playing with your hair as you bob farther and farther down his cock. You help him step out of his pants and then resume sucking on him.
'I suppose I should be following your commands since I'm under arrest,' you says to him looking into his dark eyes.
'Yes that is right ma'am, I want to hear you gagging as you suck,' he says 'take as much as you can and then some.'
You wordlessly follow his command, sucking him as deep as you can, up and down, over and over, gagging from time to time from his cock hitting that back of your throat.
'MMMMM, thats it' he moaned softly, 'I had better check you out for any concelaed weapons, lay back on the bed for me.'
You quickly lay back on the bed, your legs spread for him you ask him 'spread like this, sir?'
'Perfect,' he answered and his hands moved to your firm breasts, he squeezed them tight, pinching the nipples and licking each one of them with his wet tongue.
He quickly moved down your stomach, moving to your pussy. It's getting wet from the moment and his tongue suddenly presses down on your clit.
'Oh my god yes,' you shout out as his tongue dances over your clit.
'Yes sir, oh fuck yeah' you scream out as his lips cover your clit and suck it slowly into his mouth. His middle finger slides firmly in and out of your pussy and you rock back and forth against it.
Another finger slides in and then a third as you scream out loudly 'OH, FUCK YES, PLEASE FUCK ME SIR'
He pulls his fingers back out of your pussy and looks up into your eyes, "I'll fuck you but only if you ride my cock like you did that dildo in your video.'
'Oh yes sir' you answer excitedly, 'sit right down here and I'll do as you say,' pointing to the chair next to the computer.
Quickly he sits down and you rip his police shirt off, buttons flying. "I want you from behind so I can play with your lovely tits.'
You climb into position, sliding your pussy into place to mount his cock, you can believe how big it is, as you keep moving higher and higher before finally reaching the top.
You slide your pussy around the head of his cock for a second or two and then slowly slide all the way down the massive cock.
"OH FUCK' both you and him yell out at the same time as you hit the bottom of his cock.
You rise back up on his cock once again almost all the way out and then slam back down hard again.
His hands are squeezing your tits hard as you rise up and then slide back down, still hard as you can but faster. His hands slide off your tits and to you hips, urging you up and down.
"Fuck you feel good,' he hissed as you rock up and down harder and faster. His cock feels perfect and you would love to tell him so but the heat of the moment is so intense you can't talk. All you can do is moan louder and higher as you feel your pussy about to explode.
You are both rocking back and forth wildly on the chair, his thrusting from below tells you he's about to cum as well. You thrust down hard as you can over and over as orgasm overcomes you.
A loud "OHHHHHHHHH yesssss' escapes from your mouth as you cum and your pussy pulses hard on his cock, just in time from him to shoot deep into your pussy.
'AHHHHHHHH BABY' he yells out as wave after wave shoots from his cock. His hands entwined with yours as you share an orgasmic moment.
He leaned back on in the chair and you turn to lay your breasts on his chest. You kiss him softly on the lips and smile at him.
"You going to cuff me in front of everyone or in the other room' you ask him.
'Everyone?' he said suprised, 'what do you mean.'
You point over to your webcam, 'that everyone, this entire show has been on webcam,' you say with a sly grin.
He lets you off for good behavior.

hereIam51757 56F
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8/5/2006 4:32 pm

Oh my Goodness!!!!!


MWWwantmore 51F

8/5/2006 4:44 pm

Damn, very nice I do love a man in uniform

I'll have a cafe, mocha, vodka, valium latte to go please!

Good girls go to heaven.....bad girls go down!!

heavensent11236 52F

8/5/2006 5:07 pm

Think an idea like this might get me out of my next speeding ticket

LONELY5207 48M
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8/9/2006 12:57 am

Dam I liked it, got me HOT and a great idea that would really get you out of trouble LOL

rm_sexycarmelm 30F

9/22/2006 6:51 pm

Oh my Mr. Flirty pants. What a dirty little mind you have.Hehehe

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