A Question???  

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8/14/2005 10:07 am

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A Question???

Okay there is goes:

Why is it that every "couple" so far that is near me wants me to meet and have sex with the guy first???

Is this normal for a couple in this situation?
It's not what I want!
Or does it sound like a bunch of guys hiding their sexuality from their wives?

I know I'm new to this and I have never done the male on male thing, but I am an exhibitionist and really enjoy women!

So am I wrong for wanting both on the first try?
I don't mind meeting the guy first and then setting up a meeting with both of them. I don't mind getting naked for the guy first, but I want to have them both there.

Am I being a fool about this??

I have done the mmf thing and was very turned on by it. I let the guy touch me a little, but I wasn't sure I wanted anything more than that at that point.

Now I'm sure, I want the whole package! I would love to have him fuck me while I fuck her! Or sucking him while she sucks me! Or both of us in her pussy! I have done that and it was very hot!

So Please someone telling what the deal is!

Talk to you later!!!

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