escort ... the start  

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9/3/2006 10:17 am

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escort ... the start

I am escorted into a room, by a woman. As she closes the door, she says “Strip and no talking from here on in.”
I start to remove my clothes as she walks around me. As my breasts are exposed, she tweaks the nipples, making them hard. I suck in my breath. A woman has never touched me. “Keep going, don’t stop” she says as I work my hands down to my pants and remove both garments at the same time. Her hand travels from my breast to my ass and fingers enter both holes. I bend over to remove my shoes and she goes in deeper.
I stand up. She removes her hand from my backside and sticks her fingers in my mouth. She laughs at the face I make, having both tastes in my mouth. She takes her fingers out and then goes behind me. I see a blindfold covering my eyes. She ties it tight. Next a collar goes on my neck. Something is now on my wrist and on my ankles. Next, she is treading something through the back of the collar and continues to the wrist. She pulls the ends tight. My arms go behind my back almost to the back of my neck. My chest is pushed forward and my back is arched as I strain against the pain.
Next, threads a new rope from my wrist and places it between my crack in my ass and pussy, up to a new loop in the front of the collar . She pulls it tight, the rope rubbing between my legs as she ties it off.
I hear her clip something else to the front and then start to pull me forward.
“You are being moved to meet the master. There are only 2 rules. Do what he says and no talking, outcries or vocal sounds. Failure will mean you will be punished.”
She starts walking. I have no choice to follow. The collar gets tighter if I don’t keep up.
I feel the coolness of the area. My breasts are erect again and I am chilled by the cold marble floor. She goes down steps but doesn’t warn me and I tumble. The collar gets tight and because of the way I am restrained, I go down on my breasts, scraping them. She tugs impatiently as I get up. We continue to walk until she stops at a door. She knocks.
I hear a voice say to enter. I feel the heat of the room as the door opens. We walk in a few steps and stop. She whispers in my ear “remember the rules.” With that I feel her brush past me.

A new voice commands,” Spread your legs apart and bend over from the waist.” I do as I am told.
I can feel him getting closer and he tugs on the blindfold, making sure it is tight. His hands travel down the rope on my back and spread my ass apart. He pulls the rope to one side and pulls my ass so far apart, my hole starts to split open. His finger, travel inside the hole and goes in. Suddenly, I feel all his fingers inside the small hole, making it bigger. I squirm against the pressure. I catch my scream in my throat. He forces my hole to envelop his fingers. He keeps it in there as his free hand moves to my chest. He squeezes the nipple between his fingers and twists it hard a few times.
He removes his hand from my rectum and he wipes it on a cheek of my ass. I can feel his breath as he examines my pussy. Pulling it apart and playing with my clit. His fingers travel inside that hole too.
“Go on you knees.” He says are he removes his hand. His fingers go inside my mouth. “Suck’em” he commands. I do as he says. The ropes and collar are starting to dip into me. I taste the mix of my ass and pussy on his fingers.
Suddenly, he pulls my hair back, rams his fingers down my throat and as fast as he does that, he pulls them out and his cock is shoved in my mouth. I am gagging from the force. I try to pull away, but he forces his cock deeper into my throat and moving my head opposite his hips. Just going out enough so the tip is still in and moving all the way in I can feel his balls against my face. He keeps moving back and forth. The ropes are staring to cut into me. The heat from our two bodies causes me to sweat and I can smell his sex.
He grabs the rope and start pulling me forward. I scramble to get off my knees when suddenly there is a kick to my pussy. “Did I tell you to get up?” I start to stammer an answer when I get punched in the face. “No talking!” he growls. A few more blows to the face and to my pussy and then he resumes his walking. I walk as fast as I can on my knees. The air is cut off for a few seconds as I try to keep up with him.

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9/3/2006 1:52 pm

That was hot! Why don't you come on over and dance naked with us at LAST CAMPFIRE OF THE SUMMER! And be sure you at least say "hi" so we know you're there!

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10/9/2006 4:25 pm

how can I be of assistance to you -- can we be near one another it would be interesting to say the least

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