Imagine - a start  

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5/29/2006 6:24 pm

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Imagine - a start

Knock on the door
Enter room but told not to look around just keep looking straight
The door closes and a blindfold is slipped over the eyes
Instructions are given:
Speak only when told to
Do not touch unless told to
Do not start anything I am the instructor.
“I am the only voice that will be heard. You have no say in what happens”

Now remove you top, slowly, over your head.
As the top goes up over the head, Master says stop.
I stop.
My breasts are covered with a bra. Master lifts it up over the nipples and feels them and then Master takes on into his mouth and bits down hard on the nipple, moving my arms to push him away.
He grabs my arms and puts them back into position and then takes both nipples in his hands and twist them.
“That is not acceptable” he says as he spits on them and then twists them again.” I am the master and you will be punished when you disobey. Now finish with your top.”
I remove my top. The bra is just over my breasts and while he is still twisting them and hurting them, Master says “Unzip your pants. But leave your underwear on it.” Master stops with the punishment and moves away.
I unzip my pants. ”Put you arms up at shoulder level.” Master commands of me.
I comply. He touches my stomach. And travels down between my legs. His fingers explore me.
“Okay, remove all, “Master whispers.
I take off the remaining garments and place them at my feet.
“Bend over, with your legs spread and place your hands behind your knees”
Master walks by, I can feel him. He is looking, not touching. He is smelling, not licking.
He is thinking …. Suddenly I am grabbed about the head and taken somewhere. My hands go up to my head to protect it and Master lest go of the hair and grabs the hands …. He starts binding them together …”You are not allowed to touch!!” Master says as he spews in my ear. He grabs something and hits be across the ass, not once but twice …”That is one slap for each hand. Now focus, No touching me unless I give you the okay “…. Repeat it. I do. Speak only when told to… repeat it
Do not start anything… repeat it
“Now I will ask a question and you may answer. “Do you understand?” He asks.
“I whimper … “Yes Master”

sabir007 41M

6/7/2006 10:53 am

nice and intresting fantasy, wana complete it with me?
Let me know and I will email you and we will go from there.

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