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Eastern Interludes

Oct. 28, 2005
Eastern Interludes
I'm not referring to the east coast of the US, but to the magical Orient. I had the privilege of spending a few months in Asia about 5 years ago, and the memories of those times are still quite vivid. I was there interviewing and scouting out the possibilities of extended employment in China and her adjacent neighbors, and I was able to see how foreign this world is to western eyes and notions. All westerners, in fact, owe it to themselves to see just how crowded most of the cities are, but what a vibrant and exciting life is contained there. China, as everyone knows, is clearly on the cutting edge of 21st century business enterprise, and I was there to see whether I might find a niche to occupy.
I visited several metropolitan areas in China including Shanghai and Beijing, and was briefly in Hong Kong. The following episode took place in the capital, however, in the middle of a northern Chinese winter. Beijing can be cold and dreary in some of its more typically Chinese parts, and the office that I visited was in one of the outlying sectors of the city.
My Chinese is very poor (I don’t speak it at all), and it was necessary to have a “handler” with me a least for the first few days I was in the office. It was a product placement job and I was there to see whether I’d want to spend a half year or so helping to bring the staff up to speed on the products as well as their marketing. All of the office staff spoke English more or less (imagine that!), and for the first few days I had Miss Lee attached to me. She was to see that I was fed properly, could communicate with the population, be taken to stores to purchase anything I might need and to see where our products would appear, and just to make sure I didn’t get into trouble.
Miss Lee was no more than 22 or 23, slim, rather plain but sweet in a wholesome way, and she was fascinated with all things American. Her English was far from perfect, but she studied it seriously and it was light years beyond my (non-starting) Chinese. We were always able to make ourselves understood (I think). She told me she enjoyed both hearing and watching me speak because of my western US accent, and she was very curious about what life was like in the US and what I’d seen over my 45+ years.
I need to say up front that I never made one suggestive comment to her, never looked upon her as a possibility, and treated her more like my daughter than a woman of interest. We had several lunches and diners together (only some alone)at which we would receive some stares from some of the (almost entirely) Chinese patrons, but I got the impression she was proud being seen with the tall, prosperous older American.

It was after one of these dinners, and a bit later in the evening than on the previous two nights, that I offered to walk her back to her upstairs apartment building. She lived with her parents (she was an only child, as are so many in China), and was clearly the apple of their eyes. I suspect that they were amazed that I walked her home, and they made a great fuss of preparing some additional things to eat, and letting me sample some of their fiery, flavored grain alcohol. We had a fun time conversing, at least as much as the language barrier would allow, and I chalked this up as an unexpected peek into Chinese family life. They were a nice family.
After the visit she walked me back down to the street, where I thanked her again personally (I had thanked her parents more than once as well). Perhaps I erred here, but in thanking her I kissed her on the cheek. She almost blushed at the contact, but smiled prettily as well. I thought nothing more about it and walked back to my hotel.
The next day was pleasant and productive at the office, but the crux of this account happened a bit before the dinner hour, after the workday. Instead of meeting in the lobby at the agreed time, she called a bit beforetime, and asked me what kind of food I would like for dinner. But then she said something odd, to the effect that she could come up to my room. I had her repeat her comment, and when she said she would like to see that my room was satisfactory and that I was comfortable, I said “sure”, come on up. “You do know the number, don’t you?” I asked.
She knocked on the door a few minutes later, and I asked her to come in. I offered her a chair while I sat upon the bed. I waited a few moments for her to speak, but she just smiled and avoided looking at me directly. She appeared to have something on her mind.
I finally asked her what she thought of the set up, and she replied that the room was nice and that I appeared to have everything I needed. I then asked her what she would like for dinner, upon which she blushed again and asked me, in a low and somewhat stammering voice, whether I would like to kiss her before we went to dinner.
Suddenly, the entire complexion of the situation had changed. I at first merely smiled at her and said nothing, but I could feel the thickness beginning to develop in my lap. I wondered to myself what the hell I should do about it, or better yet, allow to happen. I also have to admit that I am very taken with all things Asian, and have a particular attraction to Chinese women, so that I had a significant dilemma on my hands (or in my pants, I should say). And before doing anything, I explained to Ms Lee that I did have a wife and child back in the US, and that I was easily old enough to be her father. She informed me, however, that she did not mind any of those facts at all. She said she had a Chinese boyfriend who was none too considerate or tender with her, and that she would very much like to be kissed and held by an American male. Who knows what ideas she had about the desirability of western men?
I demurred at first by pointing out that I had brought no protection with me, but once I made my objection understood, she informed me that she had some in her shoulder bag. In other words, she had me boxed into a corner, and the only participant putting up any objections at this point was my conscience. And you can imagine how long that held out as my cock began to stir in my trousers. I had her sit next to me on the bed, then took her in my arms and kissed her. I first removed her glasses, and then showered her face, lips, and eyes with soft kisses. She sighed and smiled at me, and I kissed her again upon the mouth and pulled her tightly against me. When my tongue entered her mouth and began to explore her teeth and tongue she looked surprised, but my hands by this time were stroking her back and fondling the cheeks of her butt, and she caught on very quickly. She even rested one of her slim, long hands on my lap.
What happened from this point almost seems unreal now, but it remains a very novel episode in my life. I kissed her and stroked her back and then traced my tongue along her cheek line and neck until she was almost breathless and panting. I was pretty excited too. I don’t think she quite believed (despite her own eyes and body experiencing it all) that a polite, reserved American gentleman would really do such things too her.
But my blood was up now so without asking I pulled her sweater up and over her head as well as the sleeveless blouse that was beneath that. Her simple white bra held modest B-cup breasts, or so I guessed, and I looked down at them and smiled before reaching for the clasp around her back, and pretended to fumble a bit getting it unhooked (I’ve had far too much practice doing this to be unskilled). I held her face and kissed her a couple more times as she kept her unfastened brassiere pressed against her flesh, but she did not resist when I took her hands and let the material fall. I did not seek permission before cupping her perfect breasts with slightly trembling hands, and covering the nearest one with my mouth.
Her breasts were truly works of art; indeed, they were anomalous when contrasted with the supposedly plain face, the glasses, and the studious air. Her pear-shaped delicate globes were slightly upswept, with perfect dark pink buds, round swelling undersides, and skin tones the color of ivory. I was almost speechless with the pleasure of admiring them and covering them with kisses. I danced my mouth from breast to breast, flicked them with my tongue, whispered endearments to them and took long gentle sucks from their untapped virginal mounds. Her nipples became very erect in my mouth as I showered them with attention, and Miss Lee clung to me almost as if she were torn between wantonness and apprehension (which of course she was!).
I do not recall exactly how all of our clothing miraculously disappeared from our bodies, but I do recall standing in front of her while she unbuckled my trousers and she watched rapt with wonder as my boxers fell with my pants, and my long, hard cock bobbed into view. I next recall placing her upon the down-turned coverlet and sheets (the hotel’s linen was very nice), and laying my body on top of hers. My erect cock rested against the part of her thighs, and my torso pressed against those warm and delightfully pliant breasts. Nonetheless, I could feel her erect nipples beneath me, as no doubt she could feel all of my long, very hard and hot cock.
My suspicion is that she expected me to either jam fingers into her or immediately fuck her, as was her boyfriend’s habit, but my intentions first included making closer acquaintance with her female charms. Kissing my way down from her mouth and throat and on between her enticing little breasts, I traced kisses across her stomach and slightly recessed navel, and on into the black thicket covering her mons. The hair was coarse and thick and a deep red-black color. She (apparently) trimmed it rarely if at all, and the wealth of her curls created a springy, enchanting mound. I must admit, in passing, that I adore an abundantly furred pussy.
Sense of time telescopes in such situations, and I am not sure how long I had my head buried in her lap, almost lost in an endless do-loop. I would gently pull apart the lips, slowly lick all along her furrow, tease the clitoris with my tongue tip, probe her opening, bury my nose to catch the scent retained in her hair, inhale deeply, nibble the edges of the forest and the joins of her legs, then begin all over again. At some point, Miss Lee began to moan and squirm, and the hands which had rested softly upon my head began to grip and pull. Her body then heaved violently and began to practically gyrate, and her cries of passion, in her girlish musical tones, echoed in the small room. As she climaxed I thrust my tongue back into her vagina and pressed my nose and lips more tightly against her furrow; if possible, she arched her back even more profoundly. Her orgasm appeared to last for nearly half a minute, but who’s counting? I've always suspected, in fact, that time actually pauses in deference to the event. Finally, she began to coast down from her high, but I now had extreme difficulty resisting the impusle to let go. Her response had been so powerful that my excitement level nearly boiled over with her. I had to concentrate on other things and stop all movement against her, and look away with closed eyes, or I would have shot my load into the sheets.
As Miss Lee sprawled back against the head pillows, with her legs splayed wide and arms back over her head, I sat up to retrieve a condom. She barely watched as my trembling fingers rolled it down upon my swollen cockhead, and I was still so close to exploding that I concentrated on the wallpaper to take my mind off my situation. But once fully arrayed, I gave Miss Lee no respite, and lay back upon her. Visibly trembling with anticipation, I only paused long enough to drag my cockhead along her slit to gain some lubricant. I plunged violently into her, in a single thrust. She gasped and threw her head backward, and I flexed my back so as to push as fully into her as possible. As I said, I was too close to turn back, so began to rapidly drive my cock in and out of her cunt, almost as if I were demon possessed. Five almost-controlled strokes that could be followed by the eye were followed by an accelerating barrage of rapid stabs that became blurred to sight. Then my back arched, my eyes rolled back in my head, my buttocks seemed to turn into carven stone, and jets of cum spurted from me and collected in the tip of the condom. Frankly, I don’t know if Miss Lee experienced another crisis, or whether she had ever even exited her first, extended plateau. My sensory devices were elsewhere engaged.
When my senses somewhat returned to me, I was still reclining upon Miss Lee’s breast; my cheek rested upon the sheet, the back of my head against her fragrant black hair. Collecting myself, I rose up upon my elbows so that I could kiss her mouth, and then leaned down to kiss both of her enchanting breasts. Finally (and reluctantly) withdrawing from her embrace, my slowly deflating penis slipped out of her. The obscene reservoir tip of the condom drooped limply from the end of my cock. I quickly removed the thing (I suspect Miss Lee was amazed at how much come it contained) and tossed it onto the floor. Smiling ruefully, I rolled back upon her to again kiss her now smiling mouth, and we lay in this position for five or so minutes, basking in the afterglow.
With the perception of time again passing, I (slowly) propped myself back up, then asked Miss Lee if she wanted to join me in the shower. She thought about it for a moment before realizing the sense and novelty of the idea. Taking her hand, we rose from the disheveled bed and walked into the large bathroom. I turned on the bright overhead lights and the shower’s taps to warm up the water spray then took her again into my arms. We made quite a sight in the large bathroom mirror...the delicate, pale and very young Chinese maiden wrapped in the arms of an equally unclad tall, thin, slightly grizzled foreign devil. What would her parents have thought of the scene?
After again covering her cheeks and mouth with kisses and pulling her close to me, I was amazed to so quickly feel some renewed stirrings in my loins. And cupping the cheeks of her shapely butt with either hand, I rubbed against her so that she could feel the effect. I half turned from her and gestured to the mirror, so she could see herself as well as witness the effect she had on me.
The shower was large enough for two, and it was a stand-alone unit, with a relatively level floor and a little friction to its surface. Naturally, it gave me ideas. Standing under the shower with her was a very sensuous experience. I soaped and rinsed her body, making sure all her secret parts were both cleaned and abundantly fondled. She did the same to me, but spent most of the time coasting her soapy hands along the shaft my now fully-erect cock and caressing my reservoirs rather than the rest of my body. We were clean, wet, and hot all at the same time.
I backed her up against the shower wall and kissed her repeatedly. I whispered in her ear that I was going to fuck her, and asked whether I should retrieve another condom. She clung to me but shook her head. “No”, she said, “do it to me”. What was I supposed to do?
I have always wanted to fuck someone in the shower, but I am not a large man. Past opportunities that presented themselves had involved more robust women, and it had never happened. But Miss Lee was very slightly built and scarcely weighed much more than a hundred pounds. I should have put on a condom before proceeding, but we all know what decisions are made in the throes of an insistent erection. So I flexed my knees and had her slightly rise up on one foot, while holding her outward-parted “off” leg for balance. Grasping my rigid stalk I was just able to locate the mouth to her cunt with my cockhead, and got about a third of me into her. Feeling success, I lifted her bodily and pressed her up against the back wall. There we stood, with water cascading on my back and my cock buried into her tender young stomach. With mouths pressed against each other, I jogged her up and down and worked as much forward friction as possible, but this proved mostly to be a contact fuck. Her legs wrapped around me, her cunt gripped me tightly, and we rubbed our parts together until I exploded. Her increasing cries in my ear suggested that she had climaxed as I ejaculated into her.
Once more repeating our ablutions (we made sure to “irrigate” her as much as possible, and she promised to improve on the job when back home) we exited the shower and returned to the bed. We talked and laughed and touched without getting overly stimulated, then discussed dinner. We dressed and went down to eat at the hotel restaurant, and enjoyed a nice assortment of fish and chicken dishes and two kinds of noodles. We were very hungry and ate a good deal. I asked her whether she wanted to have me walk her home now, as it was nearly half past nine, but she asked if we could go back upstairs for another half hour of “entertainment”. We could and we did.
Undressing her was every bit as much fun but quicker than previously, and this time I sat on the bed and pulled her into my lap. Having her face me I placed her thighs either side of my body, and had her guide my again-rampant cock toward her slightly parted pussy lips. Now she could watch as she grasped the shaft and manipulated the engorged head, finally managing to slip it inside her. She impaled herself on me (did I mention that I again wore a condom?), and her eyes became very bright and shining as she settled against me. Because of our earlier exertions, I lasted a good deal longer this time. I had more of a chance to sport with her breasts, as they were right in front of my face, and to caress her rounded butt cheeks as she rode me. We once more rocked in unison to simultaneous orgasm.
I returned her back at her apartment at about 10:30 PM; her parents had not waited up, and there were no uncomfortable questions. I saw her the following evening, and we became even better acquainted (we fucked two more times that night). When the job prospects took a turn for the worse a few days later (the boss and I had some differences of opinion and philosophy), I scheduled a hasty departure back to the states. It's probably a good thing that I left, because she was wearing me out.
Both she and her father showed up to see me board the plane, and one or two e-mails passed back and forth over the next week or so. I’ve never returned to China nor seen her since.

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