Winter In December  

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12/17/2005 10:02 am

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Winter In December

Wrote this poem while I was on holiday in Europe, suppose to be happy but was in fact melancholy, thinking of.....

(b)Winter In December(/b)
It is going to be cold winter day
In a distant land thousands of miles away
Clinging to my bag and air ticket
I shall brave the cold in my flimsy winter jacket

But it shall not keep me away from the cold

Stores adorn with colorful tinsel lights
Mannequins comes alive in this festivity bright
Christmas Sales splash across all floors
You see mistletoes hanging in every door

But my kiss will only remain in my lips

The aroma from the coffee lingers on
Thoughts of you played from dusk to dawn
The town burst with joy and excitement
Facades of old and new, they complement

But these emotions remain for none to share

Come evenings, I’ll be at the water-hole
Clanking away, trying to lose this soul
And when the music play “Blue Christmas”
I drown more beers to quench my increasing thirst

But how do I run from the demons in me?

How do I fight when I don’t feel like fighting?
How can I be quenched from this unquenchable thirst
What is it that this soul is seeking?
Does the answer lies within?

Or does the answer remains forever questions?

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