What beats Sex!  

neutralnaturally 46M
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11/5/2005 12:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What beats Sex!

AdultFriendFinder pop-ups has appeared more than tens of times on my screen, only to be deleted every time until recently. Something caught my eye this time - 170,000 members in Malaysia -it says. Excuse me, but did i read wrongly,...Malaysia? Spelt ..M A L A Y S I A? Surely not in this land of ultra-conservatism? Well, I' m sure there's exception to the rule but for over 170,000 members, and some with posted nude photos and genitalias, it's really hard to bite!

Out of curiosity, i registered myself. NOt knowing what to expect or what not to expect. HOnest to goodness, I'm not looking for a one nighter, nor for sex (now, before I get thrown out from AdultFriendFinder for having no business being here, let me continue on).

Like I've said, it was curiosity that got me enrolled, just to view what are its content, but as I scroll through, I thought to myself, "hey, there are some pretty interesting blogs here, some articles wondefully written by the bloggers, perhaps I should try some blogging myself!"

I am not trying to be a hypocrite here nor being judgmental on a persons' attitude about free sex and i did enjoy browsing over some of the photos for about twenty minutes (alright, alright it was for about thirty minutes...well er.. perhaps one hour?) but do people really meet to F**k? Especially on their first dates...and you mean here in Malaysia? Hey, I may be naive but....am I naive, I mean I'm 36 already?

Anyway, what I mean to say here (and again, I m not trying to be judmental) is that sex is of course great, but there's more to it. Even for a one NIghter or for a relationship, I believe, good conversation plays an equally important role, if not more. Would ten-fifteen minutes pleasure surpass a stimulating conversation, especially one that is converse over wine? What about that gentle touches, that makes you feel good over and cared for? The soft music, the ambience and the oh ...theres so many more.

Yeah, go ahead brand me a hopeless romantic if you must; but I believe romance and seduction BEATS just plain fifteen minutes of Wham, Bam ,Thank You Maam.

rm_hotrod5699 32M
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11/8/2005 6:41 am

you wanna find out?

you just need to buy me a drink one of these days, if you agree ....

just message to my account ....

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