Candle In the Wind  

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11/23/2005 3:45 am

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Candle In the Wind

Candle In the Wind

Amidst the darkness, a light flickers in the distance,
A glimmer of hope, I ran to the source
In excitement, my heart race faster than my feet could carry
Finally I thought to myself,
I could see some light, I could see colors, I could see liFe!

As I drew nearer, I saw a most beautiful lit-ed candle
I basked in its warmth and glory,
Suddenly I have friends and animals around me
I dance and prance in its beauty
I am lost, but for now I am found

Miraculous as it may sound, in this damp and dark cavern
Lies this candle flickering in a yellow moonlit glow
But reality soon got a hold of me,
How long can the candle burn
Miraculous as it seems, can it last forever
Will I able to see my way out before the light fade out

A wisp of wind blew by and I shudder
I guard it with all my might, I guard it with all my might

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