18cm long is just not enough.  

neuronami 29F
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2/3/2006 11:22 am

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3/10/2006 2:57 pm

18cm long is just not enough.

It is setsubun no hi in Japan today and it is said that if you eat 18cm (or 7 inch) long sushi within three to four minutes, it will bring you good fortune for a year. It is true that this very suggestive (if watched by perverts' eyes) ritual is held everywhere in Japan today.

The Eho Maki custom has been held just in the Kansai area, but thanks to national convenience store chains such as 7/11, this "Eho-Maki" has become popular in almost all areas in Japan. That means, I too when I was in Japan a while back, was holding this delicious 18 cm long sushi in my mouth. Yum.

This “Eho Maki” might sound very traditional, almost like a divine ritual that originated from ancient Japanese myth. However, interestingly, this custom does not have any religious meaning at all. Fifty years ago, just after WW2, one retailer of laver was distressed by tons of stocks of laver sheets. Then, he thought of selling them by fabricating that custom to eat sushi on Setsubun day.

This scheme totally worked well, and "Eho Maki" soon became popular in Kansai area. And now, this twisted story is now becoming a very important custom in Japan.

When the retailer, who invented this custom, was asked the meaning of this custom, he laughed and answered, “To eat sushi without saying anything and looking towards a fortunate direction. At least it's meaningful, isn't it...?”

Almost 130 millions of people are cheated by his fabrication today. I am one of them.

1charlieusa 47M  

3/7/2006 3:08 am

It's not how much you can put in your mouth that matters dear.... it's how well the taster can maneuver the tongue to bring out the best taste. Once your saliva starts to flow freely, then all the juices are released.

The tongue then awakens the body, and the body aches for more than just a taste. It's amazing how the tongue, with all its muscles, can be so soft & delicate when used in the right way.

If you are really curious, I'd be more than happy to personally show a very lovely and studious girl like you, what I have learned in my tasty travels. As I have enjoyed reading about yours

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