The Flame to the Moth (Poem)  

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1/25/2006 5:59 am

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The Flame to the Moth (Poem)

The Flame to the Moth

I see you darting to and fro,
Attracted by my sensuous glow.
Come closer!
Moths are such pretty little things.
I love your tiny, tawny wings
Come closer!
Do not be afraid, enter my circle of light.
Come and become iridescent in the night.

Just a little closer, I mean you no harm.
Feel the warm embrace of my charm.
Come closer!
Draw nearer, so I can hear your patter.
The nearer you flit, the more I will flatter.
Come closer!
Love’s fire burns ever so sweet.
If love is true, you will not mind the heat.

The closer you get, the more you will shine.
Enter my heart and forever be mine.
Come closer!
See! Your wings are no longer brown and cold.
The light of my love has turned them into gold!
Come closer!
So come, little one! Fufill your heat’s desire.
Consummate our love, consecrate it with fire.

Poor, tiny night child, am I burning your wings?
Farewell, frivilous one! Moths are such foolish little

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