Steam (Erotic Story)  

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Steam (Erotic Story)

The following story is based on facts. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Outside it‘s as cold as a witch‘s tit in a brass brassiere. Worst of all, the damn weatherman says it is going to get even colder. The river is frozen and seems to have stopped flowing. So has the stream of emails to my computer. It has been a week since my last sexual encounter and I‘m as horny as a toad. I should take myself in hand, but that won‘t do. I wonder about going to the park spot nearby, but shiver at the thought of my pants falling with the mercury in the thermometer. Sure, I might get hard, but it would probably be because my dick was frozen. I don‘t relish the thought of sucking on someone else‘s popsicle either. So, the sauna it must be. Hot, steamy sex is the only cure for this weather.
“Merci,“ says the cute attendant as he takes my money and hands me a towel and a bracelet with a locker key. It is the last word I will hear for the next two hours.
I shed my clothes, wrap the towel around me and make my way to the obligatory shower. Gloria Gaynor thumps out “I will survive“ from speakers on the wall. On the television over the bar, two cute twinks are fucking to the beat of the song. Several men are standing nearby, a few are fondling themselves idly underneath their towels. They are of all different shapes and sizes. I catch a few stares but see nothing to drop my towel for, so move on to “la douche“.
I bathe in the appreciative glances of fellow bathers but then head for where I know it‘s hot. The steam room.
I open the wooden door and step inside. It is as dark as a thousand midnights in a cypress swamp. There is very little sound except for some low moans and groans or the soft slurping sounds of wet lips on wet skin, and the occasional hiss of steam. In this Helen Keller-ish world, one goes by sense of touch. The loss of one sense enhances the others. The smell of eucalyptus overwhems me. There is a faint undertone smell of spent cum. I move further inside to find MY miracle worker.
A disembodied hand touches, caresses my tits. Another probes my ass, searching for an entrance. A mouth with no face, warmer and wetter than the steam, engulfs my cock. It rises to welcome the attention. Someone presses their lips against mine, but I turn my face away. I cannot kiss without telling whom I am kissing.
The worshipper of my cock rises from his adoration and moves his attention to my nipples, his hands pulling on my already too stiff cock. I place my hands on his head and find that he is much shorter than I. I have a thing for the slim and petite, so I move my hands to his chest and stomach. The are firm. His stomach is flat. I play with his nipples, grasping them between my thumb and forefinger. I squeeze and he moans, sucking harder on my tit. His hand jerks wildly on my cock. The other pulls on my balls. I can feel the cum rising, so I pull back. My hand searches over his little bubble of a butt and my finger finds its way. He is tight and I cannot get entrance. I move my finger to my mouth and suck it briefly. I move it back to his tiny hole. My finger slides in although with some effort. I begin to slide it back and forth, in and out of his tight, wonderful asshole. His hands work faster on my cock. Our sounds of passion attract the attention of others. A hundred other unseen hands and mouths begin to devour us. He tenses and I can tell that he, like me, does not like this. I take his hand and lead him from the steam room.
The light is almost blinding but I turn to look at him. A gasp catches in my throat. He is stunningly beautiful. A painting by Caravaggio. Dark, soft curls surround the face of an angel. Caribbean blue eyes that I would willing drown in, set off by long, black, curling eyelashes that would be the envy of any woman. There is a natural blush on his cheeks as if he is constantly embarassed by his actions. His lips are full and slightly pouting and look like they are stained from the juice of pomegranates. His is tanned and smooth except for a small triangular patch of hair between his breasts.
We shower in silence and, as if able to communicate by telepathy, make our way to the privacy of the cubicles.
The area is a labyrinth of small corridors and is lit only with black lights. Phantom men turn sideways to pass us, staring with eerie, yellow eyes. The sounds of slippery sex emminate from the rooms on each side of the passage. Moans and groans and thumping sounds fill the air like in a haunted house. The white towels the men are wrapped in give off a ghostly glow under the ultraviolet lights.
We find an empty room and slip inside. I slide the latch. I will share this prize with no man!
The entire room is filled with a fake leather covered mattress. We drop our towels and spead them to lie on.
His pomegranate lips are immediately on my cock, sinking further and further down until they are brushing my pubic hairs. I buck with pleasure but he gags, so I pull out a little from the wet, warm cavern of his mouth. I shift slightly and start to slurp on his balls. They tighten under my administrations. They are not large, more like two quail eggs, so I easily draw them both into my mouth. With one hand I caress his cock. The other I use to twirl one nipple and then the next. He is squirming wildy beside me and takes my hand from his tit and places it on his asshole. Again, entrance is difficult. I reach for the lube and slather it on my hand. My finger slides in and he pushes to get more. I take his hard cock all the way into my mouth. It is not difficult because he is about average in size. I insert another finger and his hole opens to let it in. A third finger about fills him up and he is thrashing wildy. I know he is ready.
I reach for the rack filled with condoms and packages of lube which is on the wall. He takes the condom from me and expertly unrolls it over my erect dick. I am amazed as he bends over and starts to blow me again. The condom seems to melt in the heat of his mouth and I am no longer aware that it is there.
He kneels in supplication before me. I rub some lubricant on my latex encased cock and his waiting hole. He tilts his ass upwards to receive me. Something tells me he does not want me to be gentle. I ram my cock into him and he screams, “Ahhhhhh“ but pushes back to take me to the hilt. He bucks wildy as I increase my pace, slamming in and out of his ass.
We are both bathed in sweat and he signals for me to stop. I reluctantly pull out of his tight, hungry hole.
He guides me with his hands so I am lying on my back. Straddling me, he lifts my pole and slides down on it. It feels good to be back where I feel so welcome. He rides me like a crazy merry-go-round, going up and down, faster and faster. He is jerking madly on his cock and I cup his balls in my hand. I can feel them getting tighter and tighter until they ascend up into his body.
His sphincter clamps around my cock and he shoots a stream of hot cum over my chest. I take my hands and massage my body with his youthful cream.
He bends, my stiff rod still inside, and kisses my mouth. His tongue explores and I can almost swear I taste pomegranates.
He rises and my dick flops on my stomach, disappointed. Wrapping his towel around him, he unlocks the door and steps out into the netherworld. I am left unfullfilled and unsatisfied but not unhappy.
I wander the haunted corridors where specters lurk in every corner. I peer into darkened chambers seeking to appease my appetite. The doors are open to many rooms, for their occupants too seek to have their hunger sated.
In one, a man is bowing with his ass facing the door. The asshole winks at me as I pass by. He is far to fat to be of interest, so I move on.
In another, a pale sickly looking man jerks on his enormous piece. I look and he gives a smile full of broken teeth. I quickly move on.
I come to a room much larger than the others. It does not have a door. The mattress covers over half the floor. On it lies a very handsome man. His back is propped against the wall and he is fondling himself. There is enough light so I can see he about my age. His body is musclar and thick. The chest is covered with a forest of hair, Not the usual boy type that I go for, but my need is urgent. He smiles and I reach for his cock. It responds slowly. He pulls my towel away and grabs my cock. His hand is cold and rough but feels good as he strokes me. He turns and takes me into his mouth. His hands play with my balls. I turn to return the favor. I am over him and I feel vunerable because my ass is towards the entrance of the doorless room. I feel a tongue push its way into my hole and I know it can‘t be him because he is gobbling greedily on my cock. In the position I am in, I cannot see who is rimming me and I don‘t really care. It feels so damn good as his tongue darts in and out of my hole like that of a lizard catching flies.
We change positions and I can see that the third person in this menage a trois is a small, wiry man with a goatee. He too has a hairy chest. His dick is a bit small for my taste but I have had smaller.
Muscles (the first guy) is now over me and ramming his cock down my throat while he tries his best to sword-swallow mine. Goatee licks Muscles‘ asshole like an icecream cone. Someone else enters the room and I feel fingers jiggling my balls. A finger slides into my hole and I am being royally finger fucked.
Goatee stands and easily slides his thin, sheathed cock into Muscles‘ hole. From my position below I have a front row seat to the action as Goatee‘s cock pumps Muscles‘ butthole. Muscles is exhaling soft ooos and ahhhhs as he licks my balls. Someone else‘mouth replaces mine and starts to suck Muscles‘ cock. I move to lick Goatee‘s balls as he ploughs Muscle‘s ass. A strange pair of lips circle my cock.
We untangle ourselves and I can see there are now six of us on the mattress. Four others stand on the sidelines watching and jerking off. I thank my lucky stars that no one in the room is unattractive to me.
Two of the new ones to the orgy look to be lovers, for they keep whispering into each others‘ ears. The other is a mountain of a man, the kind you would imagine to be a lumberjack. Lumberjack lies on his back, sporting a huge, raging hardon. Goatee sits on it and rides him like a bull in a rodeo. Muscles lies over Lumberjack face fucking him with his ass in the air. I roll a condom over my cock, grab ahold of Muscles‘ ass and sink into him. He is already well lubricated by Goatee‘s fucking, so I slide easily in and out. The lovers each take one of my nipples into their mouth and bite gently. I am alive like have never been. I hear my own self groaning but it is like hearing a recording of my own voice. I am ramming poor Muscle‘s ass so hard that I might do some damage. One of those that were watching now moves behind me. He lubricates my hole and impales me wth his enormous cock. I am pushed deeper into Muscles. I feel him tighten around my cock and my own ass tightens and that of the stranger behind me. There‘s a tingiling sensation in my balls as the cum starts to rise. I grunt and make one last shove deep into Muscles. He groans and I can tell from his contractions that he has given Lumberjack one hell of a cum facial. The stranger behind me stiffens and shivers as he spurts cum into the condom inside me. The Lovers suck harder on my nipples and I begin to convulse with ectasy as Muscles works miracles with his sphincter to pump the sperm out of me.
I untangle myself from the web of bodies, noticing that the room is now filled with men who have been watching. I grab a towel (not sure anymore which is mine) and head for the shower.
The cute attendant looks at me with a grin when I offer to pay for my drinks. He says I don‘t owe anything and then reaches into the cash register drawer. With a wink he hands me back the 15 Euros I had paid for entrance.
I smile, take the mney and say “ Merci, beaucoup!“ and step out into the cold.
The temperature has dropped even lower in the 2 hours I have been inside. There is a cold wind blowing down alley and I begin to wonder if this is the day everyone has been waiting for. The day that Hell freezes over. I pull my coat tighter around me and stick my hands in my pocket but I feel warm inside. I exhale and it looks like a puff of steam.

evilgothgirl 51F

1/27/2006 6:00 am

I should tell you Merci Beaucoup!

That was hot. I got goose bumps and came just reading it. I would love to have been a spectator myself.

I love to watch men have sex.

Thanks for sharing!

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2/17/2006 1:02 am

this gladly finds I a splendid tale man wants this with you experience

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