"Taken" Part 3 The Ending  

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"Taken" Part 3 The Ending

It been along process but hope you enjoy the twists and the turns of the end. Please let me know. I enjoy hearing from you. But on with the story!

I am floating on a cloud. Above me are the five beings that look like my friends. They are naked and so am I. They all speak at once inside my head. I am getting used to it now. “We want to thank you for your gift and to give one in return.“ They grab their dicks and all five shower me in a rain of golden piss. I had never tried watersports before and always believed that it was not for me. I always thought that being the passive party would be humiliating. This, however, was like being honored. The warmth of their piss invades my whole body and I can feel myself eminating a golden glow. It trickles down the crack of my ass and I can feel it seep inside. I enters my mouth and it has a sharp, tangy taste. I feel it soak into evey pore as if my body were a sponge.. My cock hardens and points to the stars. However, I cannot help thinking that this is a strange thank you and an even stranger gift.
“Our liquid has powers of healing. We are about to return you to your planet. There you will find that you will never be sick again. Now you must return before you are missed.“
“No,wait. I don‘t want to go back. I‘d rather stay with you. I feel much happier here than on Earth. Let me stay, please.“
“We would also be happy if you can stay, but first we must consult with The One Mind.“
They form a tight circle, their arms around each other, and press their foreheads together.
I wait and wonder what or who is The One Mind? Is he their god, their leader or just their collective thinking? Is he an entity or an idea?
“He is all of those things and He is none of them. He is a part of us and we are a part of Him, and yet He is a being unto Himself. We cannot exist without Him and without us, He would cease to exist. The One Mind has spoken and said that your staying would not be without precedent. However, we must prepare a replacement to return to Earth.“
“You mean a clone?“
“He will be more than that. He will look like you, sound like you and have the same genetic structure. He will have your memories, your thoughts and your emotions. He will be you. Now we must prepare.“
“May I see him, talk to him and be with him for while?“
“We will consult with The One Mind.“

I am sitting in what looks like a waiting room in a dentist‘s office. Everthing around is either gleaming steel or white. I am not surprised to find that I am naked. The wall across from me opens like the shutter of a camera and Peter steps into the room. The shutter recloses and the wall looks solid again. I hear him inside my mind.
“The One Mind has agreed to your little folly and we would like to observe. You will see us but the replacement will not. We will erase the encounter from his mind before he is sent to Earth. You are not to say anything about us or the fact that he looks like you. We have no use for what you call mirrors, so he has never seen himself. Now let us proceed.“
"May I see what you really look like before you leave?" I ask.
A different , louder voice booms inside my head, I know it is The One Mind.
Peter walks towards the wall.
This time the wall slides away like an automatic door and we enter another room.
The room looks like a honeymoon suite in the Poconos. There is a large heart shaped bed covered with red satin sheets. Hundreds of red candles light the pink walls and send shadows dancing across them. My replacement is standing at the point of the heart. He is naked. I feel as if I am looking into a mirror. Only, in this mirror my reflection moves and speaks on its own accord. I move closer to examine him. All my scars are on him. He bears the marks of my wounds. The gash on my knee that I got playing football in high school, the cut on my chin when I feel learning to ride a bicycle. He speaks and I am listening to a recording of my own voice. Strange and disturbing but very familiar.
“Who are you? Where am I and how did I get here?“
Without thinking I answer, “I‘m Sebastian and like you I am wondering the same things.How did you get those scars?“ I see the five standing in a corner shaking their heads in disbelief.
He recalls my own memories of receiving the injuries and adds,
“That‘s weird because my name is Sebastian too.“ He reaches forward to shake my hand and accidentally brushes it against my dick. It feels like touching myself. “Even weirder, I feel like I‘ve known you all my life and I want to have sex with you.“
“The feelings are mutual.“ I answer.This was my idea all along. I have always wondered what others felt when I had sex with them, and here was my chance to find out.
I take his/my face in my hands and kiss him on the mouth. I feel our tongues twirl around each other but there is no foreign taste as with a stranger. In fact, there is no taste at all. It is exciting in a narcissistic sort of way but I miss the taste of strange saliva. His mouth moves down my body and I know what he will do next, for it is what I would do. I am surprised that so much pleasure comes from surprise. When his mouth engulfs my cock I have another fantasy fufilled and shattered at the same time. I was never able to self-suck but always imagined how great it would be. With his body temperture the same as mine, it does not feel as exciting as the hot mouth of someone else.
I poise my cock at the entrance to his hole and I laugh to myself. So many times I have been told to go fuck myself and now I am doing it! But this too is devoid of the excitement I should feel. He anticipates my everymove and reacts but it is not the same as with another person.
It is only when he fucks me that my excitement builds. He seems to know everything that will please me and his cock is the perfect size. As he plunges harder and deeper inside of me, I feel my innards melting and a gush of cum spatters over my stomach.The five lick it up greedily like hungry cats to spilled cream. I look up at myself looking down at me. He says, “I think I know you almost as good as I know myself.“
He looks at me questioningly when I answer, “Love yourself and loving others will become easy.“

It has been six months since I was taken and returned. I have not even sneezed since then. My doctors have proclaimed me a miracle of modern pharmaceutical medicine. My T cell count is normal, so is my white blood cell count. They can find no antibodies to the HIV virus in my blood. There is no sign that I was ever HIV+. All tests have come back negative. They have told me that I can live a normal, happy, homosexual life. Whatever that is. But every night I sit on the beach and gaze up at the stars and wonder. “Who am I and how did I get here? Am I me or my replacement? Did they, even in their infinite wisdom, goof up with the memory swipe? Did they send the real me back instead or am I somewhere out there beyond the stars? I sit and I wonder and I wait. Waiting to be taken.

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