"Taken" Part 2 (Science Friction)  

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"Taken" Part 2 (Science Friction)

My curiosity overcomes my fears and I am standing inside his apartment. He is towering over me with a towel in his left hand and puts his right hand forward. “My name is Phil,“ he says with a deep manly voice. I take the offered hand nervously. “Mine is Se..Sebastian.“ I hear my voice crack at the last syllable of my name. There is a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips as he says,“O.K. Se...Sebastian, Get those wet clothes off so I can put them in the dryer. His voice is commanding, so I peel off my wet garments but leave my underwear on. The white jockeys are also soaked and cling to me like a second skin. He laughs and says, “You‘d better get those off too.“ I hesitate and he laughs again. “We‘re both guys and besides I can see everything you‘ve got right though the wet cloth. Maybe this will make you feel a little more at ease.“ With a few, deft movements, his clothes are off. I am amazed and fasinated by his body. It is hard and deeply tanned. He has a tan line left by his speedos. The paleness contrasts with the rest of his skin. His large cock is highlighted by the surrounding lightness as it is the same colour of his tan. He is uncut but already the head is protruding slightly like that of a one-eyed tortoise. Thick black hair covers his pubic area and chest. I feel my cock start to stir and try to will it to stay soft but it is useless. It has a will of it‘s own.
Phil takes the towel and begins to dry my back. “Mmmm, what a beautiful ass,“ he says as he vigorously rubs it with the rough towel. My cock rises to the compliment. He moves to my chest and I can see that he is also hard. He looks down on my swollen dick and says, “Nice, very nice. How old are you Sebastian?“
“Whew, jailbait. But for this I don‘t care if they give me life. I‘m 22. Have you ever had your cock sucked?“
“Yes, once.“ I answer, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks and cock.
He does not hesitate and quickly has my cock in his mouth. His tongue is rough as he laps at the tender underside of my young cock. In less than a minute I can feel my balls tensing. He sucks harder, swirling his tongue around the head of my dick. I grab his shoulder length black hair and push deeper down his throat bathing his tonsils with cum. He sucks at my fountain of youth ‘till the trembling in my knees subsides.
Wiping his mouth with the towel, he rises and kisses me on the mouth. His tongue entertwines with mine and I can taste my own cum. He takes my face in his hands and looks deep into eyes with his. They are piercing my soul with blue steel.
“I want to fuck that beautiful ass. Have you ever been fucked, Sebastian?“
I shake my head, no. “I dunno, will it hurt?“
“It will a little, at first. That will quickly go away as pain turns to pleasure. I promise to be gentle. Will you try it?“
I know I cannot deny him anything so I shake my head, yes.
Phil takes my hand and leads me to the bed. He puts a record on the stereo. I do not recognise the music then but now I know it was Maria Callas singing “Casta Diva“. The plasma ball beside the bed flashes lighting in time to the music. Phil comes to the bed with a jar of Vaseline in his hand. I am lying on my stomach. He easily flips me over.
“I wan‘t to see your face when I take your virginity. This is a moment neither of us should forget.“
He kisses me again and I can still taste the lingering taste of my sperm. His hand reaches between my ass and I feel him dab cool, greasy Vaseline on my hole. He massages my entrance with his fingers. I feel a finger slide in and I‘m surprised. It does not hurt at all. My cock begins to grow again. His finger moves in and out of my hole. He wiggles it like a worm, sending thrills and chills over my body. I am feeling loose and relaxed.
Phil positions himself between my legs. The tip of his cock presses against my hole.
“Take a deep breath. When you feel me push, push back with your muscles, as if you want to expel me. It will make it easier.“
I feel him push and I obey. He is my lord and master. His bulbous dick head enters and my hand flies to my mouth to soften my scream. He removes my hand and hushes me with a kiss. His cock burrows deeper and deeper until I can feel his wiry pubes tickle my asshole. He stays still for a moment and I savour the feeling of being filled and fullfilled.
Phil‘s ass rises and desends slowly with Callas‘ crescendoes and diminuendoes. Pleasure replaces pain and I rise and fall with him and the music. The music changes to “Bolero“ and he moves inside me to the beat. The tempo steadily increases and so does ours. I feel him coming inside and my cock begins to twitch against my stomach. I sprurt all over my chest. He licks my chest clean to the thunderous booming of the climax of “Bolero“.
Streaks of lightning flash from the plasma ball.

Lightining flashes though the window and I pull the shade down, but I can still hear the booming of the thunder. The plane pitches and rolls on waves of disturbed air. I sink my fingernails into the fabric of the armrest, my knuckles white with fear. I feel a cool soft hand upon mine and turn to look at the passenger beside me for the first time. He is shorter than I am but well built, not much older, perhaps 5 years. His hair is light brown, blond in a few spots, I guess what you‘d call highlights. His eyes are liquid green. He squeezes my hand. “Hope you don‘t mind, but you look distressed. I‘m Greg.“
I turn my hand over and squeeze back. “No, I don‘t mind at all, it‘s comforting. I‘m Sebastian.“
He continues to hold my hand even after we‘re through the bad patch of weather. A flight attendant walks by and smiles at us.
We go through the usual small talk and the seat belt signs go off.
“Have you joined the mile high club?“ he asks.
“The what?“ and there I go, sounding stupid again.
He grins. “Ah, innocence. How sweet! I mean have you ever had sex on an airplane?“
“No, but I have a feeling you are going to ask me if I would like to try it. My only question is, where?“
“I‘m going to the toilet, in a minute follow me. I‘ll leave the door open.“
The airplane toilet seems too small for sex. It‘s like a closet and I tell him that I‘ve just come out of the closet and here I am going in again. He laughs and instructs me to remove my clothes. He makes no move to take off his own. I do as I am told. He tells me to place one foot on the toilet and then is on his knees. I am wondering what he is up to when I feel his hands seperate the cheeks of my ass. His tongue swiftly finds my asshole. His lips are sucking on my entrance and I am literally and figuratively flying above the clouds. The plane gives a little lurch and his incredible tongue lurches further inside me. He moves it back and forth and around in a circle. I grab a wad of paper towel and stuff it in my mouth to keep from being heard in the cabin. Someone knocks on the door. We ignore the knocking. His adept tongue is sending bolts of lightning through me. I can feel my stiff cock start to jump. He quickly shifts position and has my rod in his mouth. I try not to scream as as a stream of cum pours down his throat. He smiles up at me and licks his lips.
A large woman is by the door and she looks at us quizzically as we exit. We make our way back to our seats. I turn and ask him with tears in my eyes. "Greg, why did you have to die? I loved you so much!"
He shakes his head and wipes my tears away. "I am not dead, everytime you think of me, I am alive again. I am beside you now as I have always been and always will be. You have kept me alive."
I am smiling as I look out at the fantastic cloud formations below us.
To be continued..................................

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