where's my cake?  

neotrio 41M/38F
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12/3/2005 7:41 am

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6/14/2006 4:50 pm

where's my cake?

generally when it comes to sex, i’d say i’m a pleaser. i'd like to say that it's because i'm so giving and generous. unfortunately, i think it actually stems from not being satisfied early on in my sexlife. teenage boys are mostly interested in "getting off." which can have a damaging effect on teenage girls. these girls may go on through life having unsatisfying sex, never knowing the possibilities, experiencing the ecstasy. i knew there had to be a way to get more pleasure out of sex than i was getting, after all my partners seemed to be having a grand ol' time.

so i started to adapt, evolve. i examined the situation; these guys were getting satisfaction out of things that i could do to them, for them, with them. perhaps i too could get satisfaction out of things that i was doing to them, doing for them and with them....hmmm...

and so my new pleasure became giving pleasure. watching their faces as i went down, hearing them groan, watching them bite their lips, the look in their eyes as they felt me from the inside for the first time...the next time. i guess i figured that at least one of us was going to have mind blowing sex...probably not me-but i really started to enjoy being a blower of minds.

i'm something of a geek...so i did my homework. i'd read, ask questions, observe the occasional porn flick all in the name of developing my technique, techniques. "what gets guys off?" this quest to be the best is still in practice..."never stop learning" i always say.

then as i got little older and finally when "the man" came into my life i realized that i could have my cake and get eaten too...er...eat you too...uh......eat it too. i finally asked myself, "what gets me off?" we devoted a lot of time to experiments, practice and test runs...man it was hard work but we finally figured it out.

turns out my thing is foreplay. (making up for lost time perhaps?...hmmmm???) i get the most pleasure from everything that comes before intercourse....from the flirting to the kissing, touching and caressing, ear lobes, nape of my neck, tickling, whispers and hot breath in my ear....oooohhhh....(takes a moment to collect herself).....that's what really does it for me. that's my cake, everything else is just icing.

i still consider myself a more of a pleaser...i tend to put my partners pleasure before my own...but i know what i like, "the man" knows...and now, all of you know so i've pretty much covered all bases.

(picks up cake-knife) "so....anyone wanna slice?"

iluvjbsinaz 55M

12/3/2005 9:59 am

I'll take two!

toothysmile 50M
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12/3/2005 6:43 pm

I 'll take three!...

giving is a pleasure in itself.
but it isn't enough.
and ... yes... i m big on foreplay too... kissing... and more...

sexedcravednemph 35M/31F
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12/3/2005 9:19 pm

Cut me a slice neo. I will hace the peice with the mound of roses as frosting. mmmmm frosting is good I know what you mean. Nice blog neo. Its always wonderful to see what you write. Giving pleasure is always exciting for me. Foreplay is my absolute favorite. And i agree with toothy.

sixftcharmed 44M
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12/4/2005 8:25 am

Sometimes you have to give in order to get. OUTSTANDING.

Looking for fun or trouble can sometimes end up being the same thing.....

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12/5/2005 6:45 am

Here is a bit of wisdom shared with me from many moons ago. A reflection of how women and men interact. Neo is right but this drives the point home. You gotta want it

WHoaaaa.. hold the horses here. One thing I have observed in my limited years of swinging is: Communication Baby. Women don’t communicate. I don’t mean the contentious repetitive “ FUCK ME “ or “Harder” scattering like a machine gun. I’m talking about pillow talk. “Oh that feels good when you touch me there. I love how it tingles.” And Men should be talking a bit more than; “You feel that? That’s me!”

A girlfriend once told me back when I was still learning; “Foreplay is what you make. Its all in the mind, as to how and what turns you on. Each person has their perception of Foreplay. First, find your version and keep at it until your partner finds their perception.” She was right of course. Women are always right ( when they agree with me…lol).

Women have been erroneously taught they should never ever express emotional gratification during sex! Thus, they experience the dreaded "wait and see" syndrome of the elusive BIG O.


YOU BEEN LIED TOO.!!! Sex and reaching Orgasm is not a physical competition or some Fairy tale Prince riding up with a big horse (or is it on a big horse) to swish you off into the clouds of the forever fantastic orgasms.

NO ladies.. Momma didn’t tell you what you really should do for many reason. Reasons I will get to later. BUT here’s the joust. GET IT BEFORE HE GETS HIS !!!! As we all know, Once the volcano blows, there’s no more rubbles or quakes to look forward too. We all know that a man can only cum 3 ~ 5 times. (Some only need a pair of lips to reach all five) But the biggest bang is 1, 2, 3. The other 4 and 5 are mostly prostate fluid if any actual sperm. But the better the sex, the ‘slightly’ more fluid will be pumped out. The “Second Cumming” of God (Hey, that’s what I hear being said, Am, I right?) is actually the most concentrated in sperm. However, should the excitement be prolonged, the first may drain most of the sperm and fluid in the prostate. This is the BIG O for MEN. You will know because men will walk funny afterwards. There has been many times that I have fell down from weak legs and spinning rooms after unleashing a large cum.

OH I know that there are still some men out there who have yet to master the massive "deposit" that comes from empting all that is inside - inside. But never fear, soon (hopefully) they too will be getting laid more than a few times a month and eventually take his time to do it right and make it feel so good that the woman controls when he CUMS. That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, When it feels so good that there’s no restraint big enough, Its gonna blow regardless of who is where doing what and wanting more. Just in case someone missed the meaning. Perfect sex is letting yourself become the other person’s sanctuary.

Then my lady friends, You know then and there that you control the man. THAT’S RIGHT. Now I know that some ladies out there don’t get what they deserve. Hell, some men don’t even get the match to the Fire before they extinguish the flame with the sudden geyser unexpected. Here we see the most urgent need for the woman to forget all about what Momma told you.. ("Baby, make him work for it, then don’t let him know it feels good!") What Momma meant was, "Don't make a sandwich until you bake the bread." OK, too many metaphors. What it means is don’t let them know you like what they are doing. But to deny what feels good turns off the world and you end up waiting for something to happen.

OK, now why would Momma tell her baby girl to be so cold. Simple, If the Boy (in this case) sees his little girl GETTING WHAT’S HERS, He thinks he is the king of the world and all he gotta do now is show up. Ladies, Momma is right, but only to the extent that you are still looking. IF your not looking or already found your prince, DO NOT HOLD BACK... GET YOURS BEFORE HE GETS HIS. Hell, Be the biggest slut you can, but don’t go to sleep wondering why you didn’t just let go and reach the O before he did. Believe me.. You will sleep with a smile on your face.. and his BIG HEAD next to you. What is most important is that you have a smile on your face!!

SO what if he is not doing it for you? Your ‘yinging’ and he is ‘yanging’? That is called Sync Baby.. and I remind you. What is most important is that YOU GET YOURS BEFORE HE GETS HIS. So toss Mr. Dance Fever onto the floor next to the bed and take control. It's a lot better if you are the one making the moves at this point because Rocky just ain’t connecting with the knockout punch. Now that you are the one directing the show, hittin all the right spots, and making 'Love out of Nothing at All' (did I just quote AIR SUPPLY? OMG!) go for the finale.

Hummm, OK, there’s no simple answer. And everyone is different. A strong woman does turn the horse into a pony. Men just don’t get it sometimes, women want to be ravished.

Then again, Why wait? You need to cum as bad has he does.

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12/5/2005 7:22 am


Who is the Favorite Blogger on GUAM..?


Four pages now with this blog entry and:

"""" DRUM ROLLLS """"

12, 363 Views to her blogs.

Guess it is true, We look to other peoples disasters as ways of making ours look better. LOL.

CONGRATULATIONS on the popularity pole. WOW, I wounder how many actually read your thoughts and the comments from your Fan Club? or were they just scopeing out your pics?

Keep going there Luv. We are here for YA.

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