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2/25/2006 3:00 am

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first meetings

**pulled this one out of the archives.(aug 29, 2005) this was one of my first posts...but still relevent and applicable i think. what do you think?

ok, tell me if this sounds familiar...

you're on the site, you see someone you like or someone sees you, you're emailing, your chatting, maybe you're even talking on the phone. everything seems to be going all right, you're interested, they're set up a meeting. you go to (insert meeting place here) and maybe you're a little bit early so, you wait. they're running a little bit late wait some more, (especially here on Guam, you know we run on an entirely different system of time, GUAM TIME) hey “shit happens” right; traffic, lost car keys, can't find parking...whatever. but as the minutes tick by and you're still alone, you start to realize've been stood up, another f-ing no-show.

what is up with that? isn't it frustrating for those of us who are seriously looking for good people to have good fun with? you put time and energy into corresponding with someone, set time aside to meet, get all dolled up to end up waiting…for nobody (table for one?)

for those who do that...why? are you sitting on the opposite side of the room watching us scan the room, looking at our watches every few minutes, brows furrowed, heads cocked to one side deciding whether enough time has passed and if it's appropriate to leave? or are you sitting at home behind your computer, snickering at the idea of someone performing the aforementioned actions? What does one get out of that, really?

i hate to admit but it's happened to us a couple of times, but from what i hear, it happens often. and either the offender comes up with excuse after excuse or cuts all lines of communication. the first time it happened, we were still naïve, kept in contact and tried scheduling other meetings, this person had a duffle-bag-o-excuses. it took a while before we started getting suspicious. then there was that couple with whom we almost met but they were too scared to walk into (place) because, "it looked a little too empty." (okay maybe we'll let that one slide, but still a disappointment)

it happened again with another couple. but it turned out that we had just mixed up the meeting places and were waiting for each other at two different locations; all of us scanning the rooms, looking at our watches every few minutes, brows furrowing, heads cocking to one side deciding whether enough time has passed and if it's appropriate to leave? we ended up setting up another meeting, clicking very well, became friends and still have a good laugh about the mix-up once in a while.

but with so few people to “play” with on this island, (over 5,000 members on Guam, my ass!! The site needs some serious updating.) there’s no time for pranks. If you’re not serious about “playing”, i say…get off the court!

your thoughts?????

neotrio 41M/38F
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2/25/2006 6:21 am

i accidentally posted this twice...oops.

then i was going to delete it but with the delay, i wasn't sure if anyone posted comments.

my apologies.

Jeepidiot 42M

2/25/2006 3:30 pm

I'm so confused. But that's normal.

sexedcravednemph 35M/30F
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2/25/2006 7:59 pm

I agree with you on this one. I think one frustrating factor on this site for us is.....There are quite a few people that have the "talk" but then you find out ......thats all it is. We have had so many people write and we have contact for a bit ya know....they start talking about meeting...we schedule meets...most of the time they dont show. One couple in particular has only talked with us and still do. But when it comes down to talking about the meet something always arises. We of all people understand hectic shcedules. But we also understand a sense of respect. I think those who choose to do such things are lacking in respect and maturity. I think it is rude and unspeakable to have someone sitting in a resturant watching the clock waiting for nothing. Such rudeness is intolerable. I know for me frustration kicks in after so long. after I reach a certain frustration point....I X those people off the "to meet" list. I think all couples who are TRUE swingers understand exactly what you mean and exactly where you are coming from. But then again those we have met were worth every ounce of frustration endured by the "fakes". However I believe those who arent serious should not be here wasting time...mostly the "real" swingers time. We wish you better luck with couples. Kisses to ya sweety and btw nice blog post....cute pic to go along with it too.

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