The Ungettable  

neotrio 41M/38F
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8/18/2005 1:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Ungettable

Everyone’s looking for the ungettable get, the somewhat impossible dream, the ever sought after, the myth, the unicorn, the needle in the haystack, the one, the only….ever elusive…”single woman.” (Cue thunderous applause from studio audience)

That’s what most of us are here for isn’t it? Didn’t most of us start out in the hopes of finding a beautiful, charming, sexy, skillful, shapely, adventurous, willing and single woman to bring into our bedrooms; men, women, couples and the like? Then we all found out how damn near impossible it was to get one. So what do you do? Maybe you start eliminating, one by one, the prerequisites, which you so carefully laid out. Then you start throwing them out two by two until, aside from “woman”, your left with “willing” and “single.”

So what happens when you realize that the odds of even finding that are slim to none? You go to where it’s really at…COUPLES. Hey man, it’s win-win all around isn’t it? You’ve got the woman you wanted, it isn’t too much work for any one person and of course there’s the old saying…the more the merrier. And if you form enough of a friendship with a couple, maybe arrangements can be made where the 2 females spend time together with each male on separate occasions… get creative!

But don’t give up the dream or call off the search. We’ve always got one eye out. Just because we haven’t “come” across one yet doesn’t mean we never will. So in the meantime- keep hope alive… keep on dreamin’… keep truckin’… keep on keepin’ on.

rm_shycplonguam 46M/41F

8/18/2005 6:47 am

Great reading..keep on keepin on!!

guam_couple 48M/34F

8/19/2005 3:32 am

you are so true in what you have said and you do need to keep it up this is very good and can not wait to read the next one !!!!!!

omesohony 48M/40F

8/20/2005 12:11 am

ahhhhh ....wouldn't it be sooooo nice though to finally attain the "ungettable"?! Its not such farfetched concept. Of course I am not speaking from experience!(Boy do I so ever wish! hahaha)But, it doesn't hurt to "keep on dreamin" as you have so eloquently put. wouldn't that make such an interesting blog?!

<notice the one eye is still on the prowl!hehehe

omesohony 48M/40F

8/20/2005 12:15 am

Hey?! that was supposed to be a "winky" emoticon! lol nevermind!


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8/20/2005 6:59 am

The Ungettable, that is to say, if we could get it, why would we need to seek it?

Thus the dilemma! Here we are seeking to find that which has eluded us for all so long. Well, perhaps for some of us, that is true in varying degrees. For a precious few who have obtained the total enlightenment all others seek, this is merely an exercise in "Who's Who and Who We Dare Care” our second lives with. (Don’t let Care fool you.) Why should it be about anything other than Having a good time, being fun loving people, taking life by the horns and living to the end of time?

Sure; we want to live to the end of time so we avoid those who seem a little over our social edge. You know the ones. The one couple or single who is out every night doing what you so yearn to do. Yet, you do not because there are so many things that you just do not know. Be it Medical, Political aspirations, or some fear that somehow your life will end should this person become pissed and blab all over the world about your second life. Discreet... is being oblivious to what really happen, ignorant of what did happen, and non-expecting of what could happen.

Bottom line: We come here to be among those who are willing to climb to a level of trust and friendship while leaving emotions at the door. Yes, those little tingling sensations inside you that says, "'They don’t mean 'goodbye' or 'Why are they not calling' or even 'It is their fault and their loss'." Sometimes we get mixed messages that lead to even greater mix ups. Nevertheless, in the end, it is being able to “hold your head up high while all about you are losing theirs” to paraphrase a famous poem. Simply, Lets get over ourselves and get on with what we came here to do. Expand our universe. And that doesn’t mean Barbie is going to drop Ken for G.I. Joe and his profile pic.

Just be yourself and expect nothing. I guarantee you will never be disappointed!

omesohony 48M/40F

8/20/2005 11:20 am a nutshell....well said in your interpretaion of "Discreet"!

For those who have yet to fully comprehend the terminology....take note!


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