Ok, tell me if this sounds familiar...  

neotrio 41M/38F
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8/29/2005 6:43 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ok, tell me if this sounds familiar...

Ok, tell me if this sounds familiar...

You're on the site, you see someone you like or someone sees you...contact. You're emailing, your chatting, maybe you're even talking on the phone. Everything seems to going all right, you're interested, they're interested...you set up a meeting. You go to (insert meeting place here) and maybe you're a little bit early so, you wait. They're running a little bit late so...you wait some more, (especially here on Guam, you know we run on an entirely different system of time, GUAM TIME) hey “shit happens” right; traffic, lost car keys, can't find parking...whatever. But as the minutes tick by you realize ...you've been stood up, another no-show.

What is up with that? Isn't it frustrating for those of us who are seriously looking for good people to have good fun with? You put time and energy into corresponding with someone, set time aside to meet, get all dolled up to end up waiting…for nobody (table for one?)

For those who do that...why? Are you sitting on the opposite side of the room watching us scan the room, looking at our watches every few minutes, brows furrowed, heads cocked to one side deciding whether enough time has passed and if it's appropriate to leave? Or are you sitting at home behind your computer, snickering at the idea of someone performing the aforementioned actions? What does one get out of that, really?

I hate to admit but it's happened to us a couple of times, but from what I hear, it happens often. And either the offender comes up with excuse after excuse or cuts all lines of communication. The first time it happened, we were still naïve, kept in contact and tried scheduling other meetings, this person had a duffle-bag-o-excuses. It took a while before we started getting suspicious. Then there was that couple with whom we almost met but they were too scared to walk into (place) because, "it looked a little too empty."

It happened again with another couple. But it turned out that we had just mixed up the meeting places and were waiting for each other at two different locations; all of us scanning the rooms, looking at our watches every few minutes, brows furrowing, heads cocking to one side deciding whether enough time has passed and if it's appropriate to leave? We ended up setting up another meeting, clicking very well, became friends and still have a good laugh about the mix-up once in a while.

But with so few people to “play” with on this island, (over 5,000 members on Guam, my ass!! The site needs some serious updating.) there’s no time for pranks. If you’re not serious about “playing”, I say…get off the court!

Your thoughts?????

guam_couple 48M/34F

8/30/2005 5:54 pm

Ok the time has come to speak again and here we go yes we have all been through the NO SHOW people or the ones that want to meet but are worried you might know their family and will say something about it and I say that is just plain bull shit cause if you are in this life style then you have nothing to worry about right. Thats the one thing nice about us my wife and I when we set a date we go to it and then if we find you are not what we are looking for then we tell you but 9 times out of 10 you will be just what we need at the time so you really have nothing to worry about. The only thing we have found that we do not like is that there is not the number of people that AdultFriendFinder. So if we are going to be on this site then we need to be more open to the people that are in here to have fun and if you are just in here to find out who we are or what we look like the I say grow up and come join the big dogz when you get the balls to have fun with us cause we are the people you read about in magazines and the people you wish you where. Ok thats all for now but thank you for your time and understanding to all the real players in here much love to you all and lets get a real party going soon as I think a good old orgy is what we all need to open the doors for everyone ok by for now your loving guam_couple !!!!!!

omesohony 48M/40F

8/30/2005 11:10 pm

I can attest that we have met up with other couples...however, recently, hours prior to our meeting, the other half and I got into a heated spat and neither was in the mood to proceed with the evenings plan. So, yes...we are just as guilty but for a legit reason. It happens...yet I was too embarrassed to tell this story to the couple we planned on meeting that night since it was really a silly lame excuse.

FGA2947 46M

9/6/2005 10:04 pm

We have to plead nolo contendre as no-shows. Sorry about that. As mentioned to the couple we were about to meet, my gf and I had an internal disagreement about the scope of permitted benefits. One we could get over -- whether to be in the same room or not. One we could not -- allowing only half the team to play. We definitely would not have been fun to meet with that night. Lesson we learned was to get our "rules" straight between us before venturing out to play with others.

neotrio 41M/38F
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9/16/2005 12:41 am

"shit happens" right? i know.

true- sometimes things come up and we have to cancel, reschedule...whatever. but you know what i'm talking about. there are people on this site who set up meetings and never show up, giving excuse after excuse.

beware all ye no-shows: don't be surprised when the invites become few and far between...people talk.

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9/20/2005 5:15 am

Here is one embrassing topic to discuss. Yes, I have been stood up more times than I care to count. And Yes, I have stood someone up, that I thoguht was full of shit. And Yes, I have stood someone up due to (if you only knew what happened, you would laugh until you didnt know if you were laughing or crying) Planets Aligning and Metors crashing to Earth.. Right on top of me. Somethimes I think that I was saved by the event, sometimes I wish I could find out what would have happened if things were different. For me, IT IS MY PERSONAL POLICY TO MAKE EACH MEETING I SAY I WILL BE AT..AND HAVE THE CELL NUMBER OF THE PEOPLE I MEET..!!!!! And thats something I have adopted due to the advice of a very good friend whom she once told me.. It was your fault that the connections didnt happen, you should have gotten their number and told them that you "could not make it" (above Funny story applies. She IS ofcourse RIGHT.. But dont tell her I said so. Thus the last sentence applies to NEO's above statement. WE DO TALK AMOUNG OURSELVES ! So be real, Be Pure, Be On Time, ... BICELAND. (If your stompted.. you havent been reading my postings)

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