"What do you want?"  

neotrio 41M/38F
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8/20/2005 3:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"What do you want?"

I'd like to pose a question. I'm interested to know what are you guys looking for on friend finder; one-night stands, meeting people with similar interests, discreet relationships, someone to just talk to? Or perhaps you’re not sure, so you’re open to trying any and everything in pursuit of the answer to the age-old question, and the question that I am posing to you...“What do you want?”

As I’ve mentioned in my previous entry,The Ungettable that we, my boyfriend and I, as most people, were in pursuit for a single female. We’re still interested in finding single females but in the process we’ve been meeting really great couples, couples that we can be/are friends with on or off the site. Don’t get me wrong we’ve experienced some creepy people on the site but have been most fortunate in most of our choices. We’ve met people with whom we have a lot in common, feel comfortable with, are attracted to and can converse and joke around with.

So I guess to answer my own question...I guess we're looking for friends with benefits. Not to say that we're closed off to any other types of relationships, that's just what we're experiencing and it seems to be working out for us.

It feels good to have people that we can relate to and be open with about the “lifestyle.” It’s not something that we can discuss with our everyday friends is it? (Picture it: the office, standing around the water cooler, “So I was at this orgy all night last night…. boy am I beat?!?!” Hmmm…. Not conducive to a pleasant working environment (staring, whispering, giggling, rumors, etc.) Or I don’t know maybe depending on where you work; it might get you further whatever works for you.

Just figure out the answer to the question at hand, go out there and look for it, I’m pretty sure there’s someone out there who’s looking for the same thing. Until the next entry ~ enjoy the “lifestyle” and enjoy each other.

omesohony 48M/40F

8/20/2005 11:58 am

Ponderous....absolutely ponderous! hehehehe!

D) All of the above!....in no particular order!

All is good regardless of the outcome. At a minimum, meeting folks who we can just openly & honestly talk to; with no expectations, is ALWAYS a good thing...don't you agree?! Friends with "some benefits" is aceptable as well. It sure beats talking 'bout it by the water cooler! hmmm...But then again, I sure could use a pay raise!!!

omesohony 48M/40F

8/20/2005 12:06 pm

Just an added note: you sure have a knack at this "Blogy thingy" that I have been so distracted by them and neglecting mine! (now thats a "bunch of silliness, REALLY!")lmao!....cant wait for your next post!....more, More, MORE!!!!

guam_couple 48M/34F

8/21/2005 7:38 am

all we can say is jst keep them cumming as you are doing a great job at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8/24/2005 6:02 am

We all look for that connection, that person or persons that just yells out to us TRUST ME. Not only that, but what ever hangups or baggage you carry, leave it at the door and take it with you when you leave.

I'm not looking for anything special. Oh, Ok yes I am looking for a special couple or two that would like a boytoy with no baggage or emotional hangups. No lighting strikes or devine inteventions. I'm looking for good people who I can meet with and have sex with. People who keep the sex life on a different plain and the daily routine of our typical lives... Typical. THose who dont concern themself with my life (other than being clean and curtious). In a nut shell, Swingers who want to have good clean sex and an understanding that swing partners are not ordered out of a catalog, that there are some adjustments.

Now I'm Babbling.. someone get me a muzzle.

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