Lesbian Sex  

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2/13/2006 4:05 am

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Lesbian Sex

What two women do in bed is as varied as the many women we know. Two women may kiss and hug, caress each other's bodies for hours, or have quick sex. They may kiss, suck, and caress each other's nipples and/or clitorises, touch their vulvas with fingers and tongues, press and rub their bodies and vulvas, masturbate together, or use sex toys. Some women may get pleasure from penetration while others may pass on it. One person, both, or neither may orgasm once or several times. Still other women like looking at erotic pictures, telling and/or reading sexy stories, sharing fantasies, or sleeping together without sex.

Often, people mistakenly believe that women know how to please other women because of their similar looking genitals. However, all women are different. Communication is key in all types of relationships, including sexual relationships. Plus, talking about what feels good can be a wonderful way to make your time together more enjoyable. Also, consider that having sex with a woman for the first time, or at any time, may involve a lot more than what happens between the sheets.

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