Female Multiple Orgasm...  

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Female Multiple Orgasm...

You recently responded to "sweetie" who seemed to be asking about the existenceof female multiple orgasm. While you explained that women can certainly havemore than one orgasm over the course of a love-making session, you alsoexplained that there may be some technical definition of multiple orgasm you arenot aware of. Though I don't remember the source (perhaps Kinsey, but certainlyany 1st year psych textbook), the definition involves the stages of sexualarousal.

If you were to graph a sexual response curve, it would begin with aslow rise. This is the Desire/Arousal stage. The activity likely involvesforeplay such as eye contact, flirting, imagining etc. Arousal begins toincrease more rapidly with kissing and sexual touching. Arousal increases veryrapidly with direct sexual contact. The Arousal stage is the exciting journey.The Arousal stage ends when the woman reaches the Plateau stage.

The graphof the sexual response at this stage look mostly like a flat line. Arousalfluctuates up and down only slightly. It is an exciting stage; she is at theprecipice of orgasm. An alert lover can prolong his/her partner's Plateau. Thisis a time to play with the delicate balance. You can alternate between vigorousstimulation that threatens to send her over the edge but back off before thepoint of no return. It can be good to vary the timing of high stimulation andlow stimulation so that when her lover does plunge in for final glory, she issurprised. The Plateau stage is the anticipation of revelation.

And this iswhere Plateau ends and the Orgasm begins. Back to the graph. The flat line turnsinto a high spike. Arousal shoots through the roof. This is where the wrything,convulsive breaths and assorted involuntary vocalizations occur. All greatthings come to an end. Sometimes much too soon. Orgasm is the shortest-livedstage of sexual response. Perhaps 30 seconds and 4 to 12 rythmic vaginalcontractions and all that remains of Orgasm is its ephemeral essence.

Thefinal stage of sexual response is Resolution. This stage is a slow, euphoricdescent from a very high place. It's the cuddling, caressing, holding stage.Resolution continues until her arousal level is the same (or nearly the same) asbefore the sexual episode began. Having completed all stages, she certainly cango through the cycle again.

However, multiple orgasm involves a differentresponse curve. Some woman need to go through the resolution stage before theycan begin again and acheive orgasm. However, the blessed woman capable ofmultiple orgasms can go from plateau, to orgasm, to plateau, to orgasm, toplateau to orgasm to....OK, I may need to masterbate now. Whew!

Yes, menshould be envious. I've never come across a study that documented male multipleorgasm. We always go through resolution before being capable of orgasm again.Maybe someone knows otherwise, and I will be happy to stand corrected. If it'sany consolation, I've heard accounts that men, like women, are capable ofExtended Sexual Orgasm. But that's another story.

Hope this helps.


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