Conquering the Clitoris ...must read!  

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Conquering the Clitoris ...must read!

Although it's a well-known fact that the clitoris is a source of pleasure for women, sometimes guys have a hard time figuring out what do with it or even find it for that matter, considering not all women are built the same.

About the clitoris

The clitoris is a bud-like formation that can be found where the top of a woman’s inner labia (vaginal lips) begin. Usually, the clitoris lies discreetly under a layer of skin usually referred to as the "hood."

The size of a woman's clitoris differs from woman to woman. While the average size varies from about 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch in width, there are some that are smaller and bigger than that.

It may be surprising to know that, biologically, the clitoris is the direct equivalent of the male penis. That's why when a woman gets excited, blood rushes to her clitoris and it swells up. That's her proverbial hard on. And if you haven't yet heard, finding the clitoris is usually a lot easier to find than the G-spot. As well, women tend to achieve orgasm more easily via clitoral stimulation than penetration.

How to play with it

There is a multitude of ways to arouse the clitoris, and a multitude of things you can use to do so:

Small talk


Make sure your hands are clean and your nails are trim. I recommend that you start off by forming a peace sign with your index and middle fingers, and rub them up and down on her inner labia.

Once she's adequately wet, use the tips of those fingers to massage her clitoris in circular motions. Start off slowly and as she becomes more aroused, increase your velocity.

Every now and then, stop rubbing her clitoris and place those fingers inside her, moving in and out rhythmically. Rotate from her clitoris to inside her.


If your woman has difficulty reaching orgasms a vibrator may solve the problem. Again, you need to ensure that she's adequately self-lubricated before you begin (or you can always use some of the water-based lube). Turn on the toy and rub it lightly against her clitoris. Sporadically move it away from her clitoris and rub it against other parts of her vagina. Chances are the speeding vibration will have her reaching climax quickly.

There are creams available that, when applied to the clitoris, will force it to become engorged with blood and throb, thus making it sensitive to the touch and result in orgasm. You can use such a cream in conjunction with your penis or fingers, but is is not recommend using your mouth, as such creams aren't tasty.


The mother of all clitoral stimulators, the mouth can work wonders on a clitoris. Your saliva can be used as lubrication and of course, your tongue can do the work. You can drive her crazy by swirling it, flicking it, or even smacking it with your tongue.


While most of us use our penises for penetration, you can actually use it as a prop and rub it against her clitoris for a while before you get inside. Then, when you do opt to get inside, encourage her to useher fingers to stimulate her clitoris.

So until next time, enjoy the clitoris.

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Hi! Great information. I will put it to use.


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