9 Of The Best Occasions To Have Sex  

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9 Of The Best Occasions To Have Sex

1- Long-distance reunion
You live in different cities or have been separated by a business trip and you're finally meeting face to face (and, more importantly -- stomach to stomach). You've both had a lot of time to think about sex and you should both (hopefully) be pretty pent up, so it's the perfect recipe for some back-scratching, headboard-breaking good times.

2- After an argument
Emotions can get pretty high when you're having a good old fashioned knock 'em down, drag 'em out fight with the girlfriend. Of course, you eventually manage to grovel your way back into her good graces, but a lot of that super-charged emotion remains bottled up inside. There is no better way to release it than to punish the box spring with a good romp. Make-up sex is usually so good, some guys will purposely screw up just for the possibility of eventually getting some.

3- After receiving some good news
When spirits are up, pants are often low. You feel on top of the world after getting a promotion or winning the regional slo-pitch championship, so why not extend the good feelings into the bedroom? You'll feel confident and perform like a champ, she'll feel very satiated and will probably walk funny for a few days.

4- After proposing to her
All that talk about sex getting boring after marriage may be true, but the sex you'll get just after you pop the question will blow you away! She'll feel so incredibly happy and grateful, who knows what could happen? She will open up and probably be willing to try just about anything with her new, mature, unafraid-of-commitment fiancé.

5- Emotional or stressful times
There is some deep-seeded survival instinct that kicks in during times of heightened stress. Back in the day, it could have been the approach of winter or death of a cave-mate at the hands of a saber-toothed tiger, but today it's looming deadlines or financial troubles that gets us unconsciously revved up. Sex is a form of sweaty escapism away from the stresses of everyday life. Even the death of a loved one can unexpectedly prompt us to get a bit randy. Don't think this is weird, just go with it. Consider it a therapeutic approach to dealing with your problems during these troublesome times.

Doing it with daddy's little girl and one crazy night of raunch...

6- Visiting her parents
Meeting her parents can be a stressful, often ridiculously awkward experience, but it also presents the opportunity for a little pseudo-taboo sex. It'll feel like high school all over again; sneaking into her room, silently fumbling for straps, begging for her to give in and do it -- while a tattered pin-up of Kirk Cameron or Rob Lowe stares back you with an encouraging grin. The real chance of getting caught by her father injects a wonderful flair of excitement that can ratchet things up considerably. Then, you get to eat breakfast with him the next morning smug in the satisfaction of what you and his little baby did the night before. Which is cool until you are the dad.

7- While on vacation
Chances are you'll be in a pretty good mood while on vacation with your loved one. But it isn't just the sun and sand that brings about the smiles. Like the trip itself, vacation sex is carefree and easy going. Salty skin tastes great, there are no deadlines or appointments looming over your heads and you don't really care what your neighbors think, so you can be as loud as you please.

8- After you've broken up
Just because you've broken things off with her doesn't mean she's off limits. Often, there will be one last meeting to exchange CDs or pick up some wrinkled laundry and you can usually hear the sexual tension crackling in the air. She might consider it closure and give in, but you should consider it one last kick in the can. There is a lot of anger to get worked out and no real consequences to deal with afterwards.

9- After you get back to together
If you think make-up sex is good, you have to try getting-back-together sex! It has all the raw emotion of making up with an extra jolt of thankfulness and devotion. Depending on how long you've been apart, there is also an element of pent up sexual energy to take things up a few notches. There is something to be said for passion in the bedroom, and nothing gets the passion flowing like that first lovemaking session after a tear-jerking reconciliation.

better sex

Any time is a good time for a little roll in the hay. We're guys, we'll take it when we can get it -- sort of like pizza. But there are times where the action gets hot enough to turn that roll in the hay into a full-fledged barn fire. Keep your eyes peeled and when one of these opportunities presents itself; you'll be sure to rise to the occasion.

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