Necromancy (fiction)  

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Necromancy (fiction)

In fantasy and horrror fiction, necromancers are often considered evil wizards and are sometimes said to have sold their sole to a demon or the DEVIL himself-to worship demons and evil gods - or to have been otherwised tainted by their evil practices.However, in some stories, necromancy is not inherently evil but instead simply another branch of magic.

In fiction, Necromancy is often not a form of divination but of"dark" or "black" magic used to raise the dead as "undead," typically as zombies under the necromancer's control, through the binding of ghosts and spirits is also common.Necromancers often become powerful undead themselves; in modern fantasy fiction, the Dungeons & Dragons-derived term "lich" (orignally a word meaning 'corps') is often applied to such beings.Necromancers are, in rare cases, capable of raisiing the dead or restoring vitality to the living, though in some cases the life energy involved must be transferred from another living creature.

Davros11 60M

5/4/2008 5:40 pm

I'm a former sometimes player of D&D. you are exactlly right about the necromancers. I used to play a black priest. After we would slay our opponents quite often my charecter would raise them as zombies .

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