Anal first time  

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3/29/2005 11:03 pm

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Anal first time

I still remember vividly the first time I experienced anal penetration.

I was 14 at the time. We had just finished playing squash. My friend George Kabar, myself and Anna Grilmire. Anna was a good Catholic girl and we were all the same age.

We went back to george's place and we started to fool around and laugh at the silliest things. We decided that we needed a shower after our squash and we all undressed and went into the shower one at a time. I could not take my eyes off Anna'a naked body.

I became very hard -as George was. He was so much bigger in the penis department then me -abd thick. The shower was in a bath. As George showered, Anna leaned over the bath and took his penis in her mouth - I was watching from behind and immediately fondled her . I slipped a finger in her.

I cannot undersatnd how it happenned - but George was leaning over Anna - with hid dick in her mouth and rubbing soap on her anus. I rubbed some soap on my penis and I pushed into her bottom. Watching the head of my penis penetrate her anus made me in love with anal sex.

I pounded into Anna and did I ever cum.

George tried to have anal sex with her -but he could not get his penis past her anal ring. There is another story as to how later succeeded -but that is another story.

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