too hot to handle!  

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8/4/2005 8:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

too hot to handle!

As much as i love living in the South, the one thing i hate most is the oppressive heat in the dog days of summer! This has been a very dry summer and the last month has been chock full of days well into the 90's.

i am definitely a spring/summer type of girl but this kind of weather has me hiding in the house. i try to get my errands and stuff done in the early mornings so i can be home in my air conditioned comfort when the heat of the day strikes.

Its so draining. The heat just sucks your will and all you wanna do is lie motionless so you arent exerting any energy and working up a sweat.

You know its bad when its too hot to get laid and its definitely THAT hot.


In other news, things with Cute Bi Girl Jamie are going ok. We had tentative plans to meet yesterday and spend the day together, but she's come down with a nasty ear infection. Poor thing! We do chat frequently and i love the sound of her voice when she calls.

Still, its all very innocent and platonic for now. i'm trying to be good and not rush things. We are definitely in like with each other, and that's cool for now. i dont think i'm equipped right now to handle much more.

Course, hawt girl on girl action DOES have its merits......

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