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6/7/2005 7:17 am

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a toy

About a year or so ago, my hair was at its all time longest. It reached down past the middle of my back and i quickly found that it became my favorite toy to use with the Mr.

i'd love to have him lay in bed and i'd let my long silken tresses fall across his body. Moving along the glorious length of his 6'2" frame, laying soft kisses and letting my hair drag across his skin so lightly it almost tickled him. By time i'd get down to his cock, he'd be hard and throbbing and of course i'd have to spend an adequate amount of time worshipping.

i loved to see my hair drag across the tip, making it jump and watching his hips rise to beg for more. And when i'd take him in my mouth, his large hands would gather up a handful of my hair, guiding my head to suck him better, deeper.

In a moment of temporary insanity, i cut all my hair off. Now i'm finding that i miss that toy, that extension of myself. i've been growing my hair out again, hoping that it will quickly return to its former glory. Its not quite long enough to torment the Mr's flesh like i used to, but at least now its long enough for man hands to gather up and give a good yank, which sends jolts of happiness to my girly bits.

But gawd do i miss that long hair. i wish i could take a pill and wake up in the morning with hair down to my ass!

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