Men Never Fail To Amaze Me !!!!!!  

needu2play4fun 53F
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12/6/2005 4:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Men Never Fail To Amaze Me !!!!!!

After another very interesting meeting today, i cannot believe how each one of the guys that i've met have been so different in more ways than one .... now all i need to do is to take a bit of each and mould them into a perfect man ... and then i can delete my profile and live in sexual harmony ....

naughtyboy9005 49M

12/6/2005 10:21 pm

I thought you said i was!Lotsa luv

RodTender 46M
140 posts
12/6/2005 10:31 pm

Agreed. Rod Tender is amazing to say the least.

equitiestrader 49M

12/7/2005 5:39 am

hello needu,

You've been quiet lately. Filtering through your mountain of e-mails I guess. If any woman finds the perfect man, he'll be gay. LOL.

Enjoy the search.


allsouthafrica 35M
1 post
12/7/2005 6:01 am

Please tease me too

needu2play4fun 53F
63 posts
12/7/2005 11:55 am

naughtyboy indeed you are babes ... however i cannot survive having sex once every three weeks .... lol

needu2play4fun 53F
63 posts
12/7/2005 11:57 am

equitiestrader ... mmmm iam gonna clone the perfect man and he wont be gay babes .... take care nice to hear from you again ....

HornyLion77 39M

12/9/2005 7:44 am

Well needu I suppose if you find the perfect man and he IS gay you'll do your best to get him back on the "straight" and narrow, right?

needu2play4fun 53F
63 posts
12/9/2005 10:20 am

hornylion most definately ..... lol

Young_Couple1986 30M/29F
7 posts
12/11/2005 2:12 pm

It's me! here I am. Your search is over.

Lucky girl

Grote2004 45M

12/12/2005 1:48 am

Men Never Fail To Amaze Me !!!!!!Hey gorgeous, How I wish I could be with you right now...Eating your sucking my c...What you say?

rm_hungry4it5 53M
58 posts
12/13/2005 2:08 am

needu.....there must be some truth in what u said??? i've heard a few of my female friends utter those exact words....perfect'll waste time looking for one, enjoy your journey(u may as well)it will be a llllllooooonnnngggg search with 'maybe' no your pics!!!!!!!!!!

billyhookedonsex 54M
8 posts
12/13/2005 5:24 am

Hi baby, i gota tell you that pussy of yours looks friggin stunning, i would love to give it some serious tlc, ooohhhh the mind is a wonderin.

c00kie69 30M
1 post
12/13/2005 6:39 pm

hey wana get 2 gether?

naughtyboy9005 49M

12/14/2005 9:15 am

Guys,guys guys...........treat her like a lady and she will take you to heaven............

merlinmagician00 51M
4 posts
1/7/2006 1:51 am

Funny... I'm trying to find the same thing in a woman.

humpic 59M

1/27/2006 11:50 am

I think I've been instictively aware since I was a teanager that no one woman could meet all of my sexual desires or emotional and mental stimulation desires or perfectly complement all of my strenghts and weaknesses - so I came to the conclusion that my ideal scene would be to have several female partners - and to be fair on the ladies to share them with other men and/or bi-women.

Could it be that a long term small group relationship might be the answer to a realy happy and joyfull life?

However, I have yet to meet a woman who was happy about this concept - so joined AdultFriendFinder to see if there might be any ladies out there who could be genuinely happy about it. Could it be possible to get a group together in which the members could actually love each other without jealousy or letting anyone feel neglected?

With regard to identifying a really mutually energizing combination of people I found the personality test provided by AdultFriendFinder very interesting. I feal excited about the creative energy that could be released by a pleasure bond between the right combination of personalities. Sexual pleasure is after all linked to our reproductive drives which include our creative drives.

Being aware of the powerfull energy efficiency of natural patterns I have a feeling that the pine cone, which presents 5 ascending male spirals and 8 decending female spirals with reproductive nodes at each cross over point is a recipie for an infinate explosion of positive energy. This configuration underlies all natural patterns.

The Bible condemns divorce, adultery and fornication but, contrary to the official views of the church establishment, actually does not condemn poligamy. Adultery I understand to be an emotional violation of an established partner and not a unifying consensus based decision to include other people in an established sexual relationship.

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