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8/12/2005 8:02 am

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Writing a book

Ok, so i'm writing a book, and it's taking way longer than i wanted it too, but i think it's coming out good. The only problem is that my character maybe a little one deminsonal, you know, the screwed up, psychotic, doesn't want to fall in love but does anyway, puts up a cold front and doesn't want anyone near her because she's scared of how they would react to the real her, blah blah blah.
That, and the dread writers block, lol. Staring at the computer screen for hours, gnawing the end of the pencil and narrowing my eyes as i grumble how stupid the computer is, and not me. Many pencils have been sacrificed to the book and my frustrations that bring out the gnawer in me, and everyone.

Anyway, i'm hoping to have it published soon so that i can pay my way through collage with the royalties and the like ten thousand dollar checks you get on signging the contract, and yes, i have red up on the subject. I'm a writer with bad grammer, have any of you noticed that I do not like to capitilized my I's? I need to stop that...

Anyway, lol, just thought i would vent about my writers block, it has been going on for like three days now and i need to eat something but i'm afraid if i leave the comp that i'll lose something that pops into my head. I wonder if Dickenson, Brook, Hawthrone, and all the great writers of our time or any time for that matter, had writers block.

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